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Why Asian women look younger than their age: the main secrets revealed

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As you know, Asian women look much younger than girls from Europe and America.

This information was reported by Pixelinform, URA-Inform reports.  

As it turns out, Asian women look young for most of their lives, partly due to genetics. Asian skin in particular is very dense. All thanks to the fact that it contains significantly more fibroblasts — cells that produce collagen.

This substance is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. This is why signs of aging appear in Asians on average 10-20 years later than in Slavic skin types.

However, modern researchers agree that 90% of signs of aging occur from ultraviolet radiation and other external factors. Therefore, despite the genetic predisposition to retain the elastic, dense skin characteristic of youth for a long time, Asian women, with their sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation, lose all advantages.

And only by blocking ultraviolet radiation, they can look 25 at 50. That is why Asians have continued to Avoid the sun by all means possible. In addition to products with sun filters, umbrellas, scarves and even special masks are used.

Another guarantee of youth is that in Asia women remain girls until old age. This is manifested both in clothes and accessories, as well as in attitude to life, in contrast to our culture, where an adult woman should be serious, forever forgetting about pink with rhinestones.

Recall that we previously reported how to maintain youth: foods rich in collagen were named.

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