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Why Cher chooses young partners: the singer made a frank confession

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It's no secret that American singer Cher, who will turn 78 on May 20, loves young men.

This information was reported by Ukr.media, URA-Inform reports.  

In particular, she is now dating 38-year-old producer Alexander Edwards. Cher admitted that she likes young men for one simple reason. According to the singer, the reason for her choice is that all older fans were frightened by her personality.

At the same time, the legendary singer assured that it is impossible to find a chosen one of her age, because men her age and older “ already dead.”

“I am very shy and outside of work I feel a little awkward in male company. The reason I date younger men is because men are my age or older — now they are all dead. But before they were even afraid to approach me. Only young men were not afraid… They are brave. They were raised by women like me!», — the singer shared.

We recall that it was previously reported that there was an unexpected confession: Alina Grosu revealed the real name of Klavdia Petrivna.

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