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Prevention of thrombosis: the best blood thinning drinks are named

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Doctors note that any of them can be supplemented with plain water in the diet.

About this information Radiotrek reported, URA-Inform reports.  

According to them, the best drinks for thinning the blood are water, pomegranate and beetroot juices, as well as berry infusions. First of all, to prevent thrombosis, doctors advise drinking a sufficient amount of ordinary still water. For every kilogram of body weight there should be at least 33 milliliters of liquid.

“Thick blood can increase the risk of blood clots, and water supports the blood clotting system, preventing the formation of blood clots. Water means good activity of all fluid structures, good lymphatic drainage and natural detoxification of the body,” — the doctors emphasized.

They also said that pomegranate juice is excellent for thinning the blood. It contains amino acids necessary to maintain the functioning of the cardiovascular system and normalize hematopoietic function. In addition, the product contains vitamin P and B vitamins.

Pomegranate juice can be very beneficial for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Pomegranate is especially recommended for people aged 50+, when some problems are already accumulating in the body.

Beets are also a good product. Beet juice promotes natural detoxification, removing heavy metal salts from the body and optimizing the lipid composition of the blood. That is, it promotes better blood flow.

You can also drink infusions of black currant or rowan to prevent thrombosis. They contain vitamin C and vitamin P, which improve blood flow through the vascular wall and maintain its health.

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