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Scientists have explained the mysterious inscriptions of the ancient Mayans: what they managed to find out

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Perhaps the most secret tribes in the world, the Mayans, kept all their inscriptions and symbols secret.

< p>Phys reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Scientists have found that for the ancient Mayan tribes, the mirror did not pose a threat, but, on the contrary, it was perceived as a connection with the spiritual world. They created mirrors from dark polished iron ore, placing it in a mosaic design on slate or wood. These mirrors were worn by nobles on their backs, placed on thrones and even placed in tombs.

Under the influence of hallucinogens, people looked into these mirrors and looked for mystical phenomena there. The cracks between the pieces created broken, distorted reflections, through which it was possible, according to the Mayans, to come into contact with divine beings. These mirrors were for them conduits of wisdom from other worlds, connecting them with gods, ancestors and spirits.

Artists depicted these spirits as fantastic creatures in their paintings and sculptures, sometimes showing nobles communicating with them. Scientists have been able to unravel that these conversations took place in dreams, in a trance state and under the influence of hallucinogens, often using mirrors as a means of contact with the other world.

A famous sculpture from Yaxchilan in Mexico provides insight into how gods and mortals interacted in Mayan culture. This find indicates that in the 8th century the ruler of Yaxchilan dedicated a building with three entrances.

Instead of the usual wooden beams installed above each door, stone ones were used. These stones depict events in the life of the ruler and queen, including their meetings with their patron god.

It is noted that much of the text is written backwards, which probably allowed the ancient Mayans, sorcerers, soothsayers or oracles use a mirror to read. When viewed from the right angle, the text was perceived as intended, transporting the reader from the human world to the supernatural.

Today, these Mayan sculptures and mirrors are viewed more as works of art than as doors to other worlds, as they were in ancient times.

Recall that it was previously reported that archaeologists have found evidence of the event described in the Bible.

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