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A Ukrainian tennis player fighting at the front explained why Russians do not rebel against the war

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According to former Ukrainian tennis player and Alpha unit fighter Sergei Stakhovsky, human resources are not valued in the Russian Federation.

This information was reported by Rbc, URA-Inform reports.  

According to him, this is why there are no mass riots against the so-called “special military operation” on the territory of the aggressor country. The former tennis player previously believed that when the number of Russian military deaths in Ukraine exceeded a significant number, then their citizens would think and start asking questions.

The fighter is convinced that now the number of killed occupiers has not reached that limit. when the Russians think inside.

“Their understanding will awaken only by the number of losses. When the city comes together, there won't be a family there that hasn't lost someone. And they will come there again and take away others: parents, children. And then the questions will begin: “So you already took it, but why weren’t there enough of those people?” — the military man is confident.

Stakhovsky noted that Ukraine needs these losses to reach at least average cities.

“There is already a certain democracy there, as they believe. Of course, there are payments to the families of the victims. And this is also a burden on the Russian economy. There are even certain claims there already, when they say that someone has gone missing, and with him a whole company», — Stakhovsky added.

Recall that it was previously reported, Tyson, don’t be a fool! – the British coach did not choose his words in advice before the fight with Usyk.

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