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Why you can’t boil an egg at the top of Everest: scientists explain the essence of the problem

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An attempt to boil an egg on the top of Everest is doomed to failure. Despite the fact that you can cook an egg almost anywhere on Earth, at this altitude the laws of physics are against us.

This information was reported by T4, URA-Inform reports.  

As physicists explained, the essence of the problem lies in atmospheric pressure, which determines the boiling point of water. At sea level, water boils at 100°C. However, this temperature decreases for every 300 meters of rise above sea level by about 1°C.

For example, in the city of La Rinconada, which is located at an altitude of 5052 meters, water boils at 82.8°C, which is all still enough to boil eggs.

However, at the summit of Everest, where the altitude reaches 8,849 meters, the boiling point of water drops to about 68°C due to significantly lower atmospheric pressure. This temperature is too low to fully cook eggs because the white in an egg, which makes up more than half of its composition, coagulates only at 80°C, and the yolk needs at least 70°C to become firm.

So that even if you could get severe burns from the water that boiled at the top of Everest, you would not be able to fully boil an egg because the boiling point of water at that altitude was too low.

Recall that it was previously reported that the mystery of a huge hole in the Antarctic sea ice has been solved.

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