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How to register on OKX: step-by-step instructions

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How to register on OKX: step-by-step instructions. More and more people are becoming interested in OKH as a convenient tool for making extra money on the Internet. Below are useful recommendations for simple registration and a quick start.

This is reported by URA-Inform, citing the official OKH website.

< strong>How to register on OKX through a mobile application

The OKX mobile application is available for download on the exchange website or in the App Store and Google Play app stores. The same versions of the application are available for iOS and Android devices. Below are the steps to register through the application using Android as an example.

1. Launch the application and on the main screen, click “Register/Login”.

2. Enter your email. Then click “Register.”

OKX App Registration and Security Setup Guide

1. Registration in the OKX application:

  • Enter your e-mail and, if necessary, a referral code.
  • After that, enter the six-digit code from the letter received to your e-mail.
  • Confirm your phone number by entering it in the form and entering the code received via SMS.
  • On the last screen, create a password that will be used for your account on the exchange. Your OKX account is now open.

2. Setting up security on OKX:

  • After registration, configure security settings to protect your account from hacking and theft of funds.
  • To do this, go to the “Security” section from the user menu.< /li>

3. Access keys:

  • Setting up “Access Keys” allows you to sign in to your account without using passwords or two-factor authentication.
  •  It is used to sign in using biometrics or a secure USB token.
  •  Select “Access Keys” and click “Set up.”
  •  Authentication uses third-party applications that support the FIDO protocol.
  •  To enable access keys, select “Enable.”
  •  Then select the device to authenticate or connect a new FIDO-enabled device and click “Create with this device.”

Follow these instructions to safely and conveniently use the OKX exchange through the app and ensure your account is protected.

Setting an authentication method on OKX: steps and recommendations

1. Authentication by phone:

  • When using this option, you will be required to enter a verification code that will be sent to your phone number each time you log in to the exchange.
  •   To activate this feature, select “Phone Authentication” and click “Configure.”
  •   To activate this feature, select “Phone Authentication” and click “Configure.”
  •   To activate this feature, select “Phone Authentication” and click “Setup.”
  •   To activate this feature, select “Phone Authentication” and click “Setup.”
  •   To activate this feature, select “Phone Authentication” and click “Configure”. li>
  •   Enter the phone number you want to link to your account. If you already provided a number when registering, it will automatically appear here.
  • You will need to receive two codes — one via SMS and one to your email. After receiving the code via SMS, enter it in the appropriate field. Then repeat this step for the code received by e-mail.

2. Authentication App:

  •    This method allows you to use a two-factor authentication app with one-time codes.
  •    To begin, select “Authentication App” and click “Configure.”< /li>
  •    The exchange will provide you with three QR codes to install the application. You can scan the top two codes to download Google Authenticator (GA), or copy the key from the third QR code.
  • Go to the GA app and add a new account by scanning the QR code or entering the key you received from the exchange.
  •    Done! GA will now generate six-digit codes for you every time you log in to the exchange.

Following these instructions, you can set up a secure and convenient authentication method on the OKX exchange, providing an additional layer of protection for your account.< /p>

Setting up anti-phishing code on OKX: protection from scammers

1. Anti-phishing code:

  •    This code will help you distinguish real emails from fraudulent ones. It will be inserted into all emails from OKX to your address.
  •    To activate this option, go to the “Anti-Phishing Code” section and click “Configure”.
  •    Set the desired code in the “ field New anti-phishing code” and click “Submit code”. The exchange will send you a six-digit code by email.
  • Enter the received code in the appropriate field and click “Confirm”. Now OKX will add the code you specified to all emails to confirm their authenticity.

2. Authentication by e-mail and password for logging in:

  •    In the settings section you can change your e-mail and password for logging into the exchange.
  •    To change the e-mail, click «Change email», enter a new address and confirm the changes using the codes sent to the new and old addresses.
  •    To change the password, select “Change password”, enter the current password and the new one password.

3. Device Management:

  •    This feature tracks active and previous logins to your account by indicating the device and IP address.
  •    To use the option, go to the “Device Management” section and select «Manage».
  •    You can disconnect all active sessions by clicking “Remove all devices.”

By following these security measures, you will protect your OKX account from fraudulent attacks and ensure the reliability of your exchange transactions.

OKX trading settings: flexibility and control< /strong>

1. Enabling and disabling trading:

  •    On OKX, you can choose which markets and instruments to trade, including spot, futures, margin and options.
  •    To activate this feature, go to section “Trade” and click “Enable”, then go to “Settings”.

2. Setting up trading operations:

  • The settings section shows the available markets. Use the toggles to select which coins to trade.
  •    You can also adjust leverage for different types of contracts and margin accounts.

3. Account freezing and closure:

  •    You can freeze or close your OKX account. When frozen, all trading operations are suspended until unfreezing.
  • To close an account, all active orders and transactions will be canceled and the account will be permanently deleted.

With these settings, you have complete control over your trading experience on the OKX exchange, providing flexibility and security your account.

OKX KYC Process: Ensuring Security and Functionality

1. The need for KYC on OKX:

  • Without going through the KYC procedure on OKX, user options are limited. Without verification, it is impossible to top up your account in both fiat and cryptocurrency, which automatically excludes the possibility of trading.
  •    The KYC procedure on OKX includes uploading scans of documents and selfies, and consists of only one level.< /li>

2. Passing KYC on OKX:

To start the verification process, you need to open the profile menu and go to the «Verification» section. There you can upload photos of the required documents and take a selfie. Detailed instructions on the KYC procedure are available in the corresponding material.

3. Depositing and withdrawing funds on OKX:

  •    As for the methods of depositing and withdrawing funds on OKX, they include various methods: from purchasing cryptocurrency with a bank card to transferring cryptocurrency to other wallets or exchanges.
  •    The main methods of depositing and withdrawing funds on OKX include using the exchange's exchanger, trading on the P2P market, and transferring cryptocurrency through various payment systems.

The KYC process on OKX not only ensures the security of user data, but also provides access to the full range of functionality of the exchange, making trading more convenient and efficient.

Alternative platforms and games for making money

In addition to OKH, there are a number of other platforms for trading cryptocurrency, such as WhiteBit, Gate io, Binance and BingX. They offer a variety of ways to make money from cryptocurrency, including trading, staking, and the use of decentralized financial protocols.

Participating in cryptocurrency markets through clicker games is becoming increasingly popular today. Platforms such as NEAR Wallet, Avacoin, TapSwap, WormFare, Harvest MOON, TOM Clicker, Click Arbuz and others provide the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through various game mechanics, ranging from simple clicks to farming and trading.

At the same time, step-by-step instructions on how to register on BInance have recently appeared.

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