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Why you shouldn’t break spaghetti before cooking: Italians have revealed the secret

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Spaghetti — This is a type of pasta originally from Italy, which widely has many serving options and is used in many dishes.

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However, just one seemingly insignificant detail when preparing these long pasta can ruin the entire dish. Before putting the dish into a pan of boiling water, many amateur cooks break these long flour threads.

But Italian chefs never do this, they told why spaghetti must be boiled entirely.

Starch release

A broken product will release a lot of starch during cooking. As a result, instead of a normal side dish, you will get a sticky breast, which looks ugly and is not the most appetizing.

Broken pasta does not absorb sauce well

Spaghetti is usually eaten with some tasty sauce. And it is important that the dish absorbs the liquid seasoning well. If you break the pasta before cooking, the dish will be a collection of short “strings.” In this case, it is unlikely that you will be able to wrap the spaghetti around the fork normally. You won’t get a thick layer of pasta, so you can forget about fully absorbing the sauce.

You can buy short noodles

There is another reason why gourmets from Italy they are surprised when they see a man breaking spaghetti. After all, in Italy there is such an unwritten rule: “If you need to cook short pasta, you need to buy such a product.”

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