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Was there an affair between Karol and Dan Balan: the singer made a confession for the first time

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Dan Balan answered for the first time whether he had an affair with Tina Karol, with whom he worked together as mentors in the project «Voice of the Country».

This information was reported by Gazeta, reports URA-Inform.

In particular, during joint broadcasts they often demonstrated a friendly attitude, which gave rise to speculation about closer connections between them.

However, Dan Balan claims that all these speculations have no basis, and between him and Tina there has never been anything other than a working relationship. In addition, he addressed the DanTina fan club, the creators of which are still spreading information about their close relationship.

«I want to address the DanTina group, which is terrorizing my family, friends and close circle: this is low! As I told you several years ago: Tina and I do not have a close relationship. We haven't communicated for two years. There is no point in your group existing. You live in illusions, and your actions aimed at harming others make your community dangerous to society», — said Dan Balan.

It is worth noting that Tina Karol herself does not comment on rumors of an affair with Dan Balan.

We recall that it was previously reported from which 90s stars Vinnik stole the image: “It was completely “licked” from me (photo, video).

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