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Zelensky does not intend to negotiate: an insider revealed how long they want to prolong the war

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A source in the Office of the President said that despite rumors about imminent negotiations with the Russian Federation, the situation remains extremely deplorable for many Ukrainians living in war conditions for more than two years.

This information was reported by the Resident telegram channel, reports URA-Inform.

“An insider from the Office of the President denied data from Western publications that Zelensky is thinking about starting a peace process with the Russian Federation,” — said at the very beginning with alarm.

According to the source, there is only one key position in the OP: military action to the 1991 borders, along with reparations from Russian representatives.

“In the end, Zelensky is ready to continue the war for a long time – up to 4- 5 years”, — concluded the source.

However, the above information has not been confirmed by officials or authoritative sources. What is known is that Zelensky, indeed, is increasingly raising the topic of peace negotiations. Moreover, Zelensky said that by the end of 2024 he would even present a peace plan to the international community.

Let us remind you how long the war in Ukraine will last: forecast of a NATO official.

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