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Zelensky made a new promise to the Russian Federation for Kharkov

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Zelensky made a new promise to the Russian Federation for Kharkov: Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky expressed the country’s determination to respond to the Russian Federation’s attacks on the city of Kharkov with an even more accurate and principled approach.

This information was reported by RBC-Ukraine, reports “ URA-Inform.”

In his speech, he drew attention to the fact that Kharkov and its environs have been targets for destructive attacks from Russia for more than two years.

«Our Kharkov. For more than two years now, Kharkov and the region have been experiencing terrible Russian attacks. Saltovka was destroyed by rockets, other areas and streets of the city were damaged. Villages and towns in the region», — the head of state emphasized, drawing attention to the destruction caused by Russian attacks.

He also noted that Russia’s recent strike on Kharkov is not able to change the situation, forcing Ukraine to act even more principled and decisive in its actions.

Zelensky stressed that the country will respond to such aggressive actions on the part of Russia with an even more precise and principled approach. Thus, Zelensky made a new promise to the Russian Federation for Kharkov.

The beginning of this war can be traced to the complex political and geopolitical tensions that arose after the events of 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and supported armed conflicts in eastern Ukraine. Negotiations, peace initiatives and efforts by the international community have failed to fully resolve the conflict, leading to increased tensions and military preparations on both sides.

On February 24, 2022, Russia officially announced the start of a special operation on the territory of Ukraine with the aim of «demilitarization» and «denazification» countries. As a result, the Russian armed forces began active hostilities, including artillery shelling, air attacks and ground invasions.

This day became part of a wider conflict that had continued for several years, but its beginning marked a new stage in this dark story. The war of February 24, 2022 became a challenge for the international community, which was faced with the need for decisive action to counter aggression and restore peace in the region.

Despite all the tragic consequences of this day, it also became a testament to the strength and determination of the Ukrainian people to defend its independence and sovereignty. The great fortitude and solidarity of the nation resisted aggression and demonstrated a desire to fight for freedom and democracy.

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