• 15/06/2024 21:50

A 98-year-old woman left the occupied part of Ocheretino on foot to get to free territory

The woman walked all day, without food or water, and miraculously remained unharmed.

entered from Ocheretinoye on foot

A 98-year-old woman independently left the occupied part of Ocheretinoye in the Donetsk region to get to the free Ukrainian territory .

As the National Police said, Lidiya Stepanovna walked all day, without food or water, covered about 10 km, fell exhausted several times and, as she says, “fell asleep.” She held herself together on two sticks and “by character.” At the height of the fighting, the pensioner miraculously remained alive and unharmed.

In the evening, the tired pedestrian was seen by the military on the road and handed over to the White Angel police group. Police took the resident to an evacuee shelter where she is being cared for.

After the “forced march”, Lidia Stepanovna feels well, her relatives should pick her up.

“I survived that war and am surviving this war. I was left lightly. But I left my Ukraine on my feet,” says the woman.

The house that a resident of Ocheretinoye built with her own hands was destroyed Russians, and her relatives were injured.

“Fleeing from the invaders, the woman, at 98 years old, did the impossible,” the National Police reported.

Donbass law enforcement officers remind about timely evacuation.

Hotlines of evacuation groups “White Angel” in the following directions:

  • Avdeevsky – 066-56-19-102
  • Bakhmutsky – 066-56-15-102
  • Velikonovoselkovsky – 066-56-11-102
  • Limansky – 066-56-16-102
  • Maryinsky – 066-56-10-102.
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