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Great Day 2024. What restrictions will be imposed and what will affect the curfew

In Ukraine, Great Day marks the 5th of May. However, through the military camp, nutrition is no longer relevant, due to the curfew, which is a problem in the regions, including the number of days of unemployment.

About those regions that have already been marked as the holy day of the 20th 24 – collected by RBC-Ukraine in the material .

During the preparation of the materials, the following were collected: statements of the Kyiv Municipal Administration, Kropyvnytsia Municipality, Ternopil Municipality, local publication “Volinsky Service of News”, Kharkiv Municipality and Novokakh ovska MBA, DSNS.

Kiev region

On Great Day, the curfew in the Kiev region is without change – from 00:00 to 5:00. Therefore, the OVA says that the divine service may be broadcast online, and the opening of churches and the blessing of paskas will be possible after the end of the curfew.

“We ask you to complete all visits in order to avoid the significant gathering of people in one place ci.V If you are worried, promptly ask people to go to the nearest shelter,” said Ruslan Kravchenko, a student of the Kiev region.

Kirovograd region Kropyvnytskyi

Great Day at Kropyvnytskyi will pass from 23:00 to 05:00 until the end of the day, security, shelter, and curfew. The Miskrada recommended that the church workers of religious communities restore their facilities and conduct services in order to maintain the highest levels of security, raise awareness in religious disputes about the shelters closest to them, and comply with the legal regime of the military I will become a curfew, behavior in the hour of great anxiety, the uniqueness of the great avarice of people. These rules called for Kropyvnytskyi residents to comply with the hour of the opening of churches.

City transport in Kropyvnytskyi will be on the way to the curfew regime on Great Day: on the 5th of May, buses and trolleybuses will be allowed to work for one year earlier – from 05:00 and work until 22:00.

The illumination of the street before Velikodnya will be turned off at 23.00 and turned on at 05:00 in the morning, so that local residents will be unable to manually reach the temples and return home.

Also 4 and 5 grass will settle on the territory of the regional center and security. The patrol police and the National Police will be close to the place of worship and the place where the Christians gather.

Kherson region

In the Kherson region there is a great holy day on the territory of occupied settlements of the Novokakhovsk community. It’s fun for Kozatska to pass through the fence at the mass entrance. The security fence was approved by the order of the head of the Novokakhovsk MVA No. 169-od dated 04/25/2024.

“Vehicles are that Russians often view the buying up of people as potential targets for provocation, especially on holy days, the population is fenced off with storage facilities, holding services in churches during the curfew period and buying up people This is the hour of the Great Saints, holding holy services (blessing) on ​​the territory churches”, – included in the MBA application.

Volinsk region Lutsk

The Volyn region will have a curfew without changes – from 00:00 to 05:00. The Lord of the Volyn Diocese of the OCU, Mikhail Rospov, said that today there will be a service in Lutsk in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, but wartime must be enforced. We will also have the same decrees and nightly services “It’s just that the parishioners need to show up: they should come before the curfew, and even after. For the parishioners of the cathedral, we recommend that they come to the temple before the night of the night,” he explained.

Those who plan to come to the temple, for the rank day of the Great Day service, check at the cathedral from the 6th anniversary of the rank.


Whose fate, in advance, is also not removed from Ternopil, where there is a curfew from 00:00 to 04:00. At the same time on Great Day there will be more public transport in the area.

So, to the storage facility on Mykulynetska Street on week 5 May and on week 12 May trolleybuses No. 8 and minibuses No. 5, 5A, 8, 18, 31 run according to the same schedule as on weekdays. In addition, to the center of the Lviv Highway, from 5 to 7 May and 12 May, two buses No. 32 run.

“To the storehouse in the village of Pidgorodne on weekdays from 23 May to 3 May and on weekends 27 , 28 April and 4 May, from 10 to 19, three buses No. 11 and No. 27 run each week. Also, 5, 6, 7 and 12 May, buses No. 11 and 27 carry passengers at regular intervals, as per weekdays. No. 1A to the warehouse in Pidgorodniy, we transport passengers with a schedule,” – go to the designated city center of Ternopil.


The Kharkiv region also did not inform about plans to impose a curfew on Great Day. Also there, the hours are traditionally from 23:00 to 5:00.

In the meantime, a decision was made to fill the treasure troves and memorial complexes near Kharkov, which are organized by the enterprise “Ritual”, 5th May a method of security against shelling by the Russian Federation .

Also, in accordance with the recommendations of the DSNS, the locality requires a fence to be raised:

  • storage No. 13 (Pushkinska St., 108);
  • storage No. 15 (prov. Volodya Dubinina);
  • treasury No. 17 (Vul. Kurochkina Gora, 1);
  • Polish Memorial to the Victims of Totalitarianism (Kharkivske Highway).

It seems that earlier RBC-Ukraine wrote in the material that the Great Day ahead is very expensive and that reserves can be built up before the Holy Day.

It is also known that weather forecasters have revealed what the weather will be like on Holy Day.

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