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A blow to the Tripilska TES and a safe arrangement with Latvia: news for the 11th quarter

The Russian military on the 11th quarter suffered a massive blow to energy facilities edges, the legacy of which The Trypilska TPP was completely built near the Kiev region. And today, President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Latvian colleague Edgars Rinkevich signed a bilateral agreement between our countries.

RBC-Ukraine collected major news for the 11th quarter.

Massive attack of the Russian Federation on energy facilities of Ukraine

On the night of the 11th quarter, Russia launched a massive attack on Ukraine, launching 82 airborne attacks, including strike drones, winged missiles and aerobalistic daggers. In total, the PPO forces managed to destroy 57 targets during the initial attack. At the same time, this is also the case.

Under the attack of the enemy, energy facilities in the Kharkov, Zaporizka, Lviv, and Kiev regions failed. Two thermal power plants were damaged.

Zokrema, as a result of the attack, the Tripilska TPP was completely destroyed. This is the most powerful power plant, which generated more than half of the energy for enterprises in the Kiev region. Centerenergo calls its scale greedy. Significantly, the company spent 100% of the generation (after the loss of the Zmiivska and the disposal of the Vuglegirskaya TPP near the Donetsk region).

For more details about the legacy of the Russian attack on Ukraine, read the materials of RBC-Ukra I'm here to help.

Ukraine and Latvia signed a bilateral security agreement

President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Latvian colleague Edgars Rinkevich signed a bilateral security agreement between our countries.


  • Latvia will provide assistance to Ukraine's military by 0.25% of GDP shortly;
  • Latvia is taking 10-point challenges to support our country in cybersecurity, advanced and unmanned technologies. We also accept our entry into the European Union (EU) and NATO.

Norway can transfer 20 F-16 aircraft to Ukraine, but not all the workers< /p>

According to data from Nettavisen, Norway refused permission from the United States to transfer 22 F-16s to Ukraine, as well as

  • engines,
  • additional materials,< /li>
  • trainers,
  • spare parts,
  • and other reliable possession.

Not all of these 22 aircraft are completely reliable – some can be purchased for spare parts and repairs of other aircraft.

Nettavisen writes that they are also suitable for The fleet includes 12 F-16 aircraft, which Norway planned to sell to the American company Draken International.

“The sales plan with Draken International, it seems, will not be realized, and, as little as possible for training in the United States, there will be plans to protect the damaged expanse of Ukraine,” writes the video.

The United States will receive up to 140 million dollars for the modernization of defense systems in Ukraine

The United States will receive up to 140 million dollars for the modernization of anti-aircraft defense systems in Ukraine .

“Mi signed an agreement to provide Ukraine with 138 million dollars for the modernization of the critically important anti-aircraft defense system,” said US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink.

In these words, this funding will help support Ukraine’s anti-terrorist defense in the face of continuous Russian attacks on the energy supply of the Ukrainian people.

The Netherlands will also see 400 million euros per I will help Ukraine

The Netherlands will see an additional 400 million euros (428 million dollars) to help Ukraine.

According to RTL News, 400 million euros will be added to more than 2 billion Euro, like the Netherlands were seen to help Ukraine in 2024 years.

Also, the journalists clarify that Ukraine can provide assistance to the Netherlands in 2025. The spring memorandum allocated 1.5 billion euros.

“The money is important for military support, as well as for the establishment of justice, renovation and reconstruction,” the report adds.

The European Parliament blocked decisions to benefit the budget for the sake of the EU through Patriot for Ukraine

On Thursday, the 11th quarter, the European Parliament blocked the decision to finance the European Union. The reason was the need to give Ukraine an additional system of PPO Patriot.

Shortly speaking at the European Parliament, MP from the Renew faction Gi Verhofstadt announced the adoption of the order of the day decision about praising the budget for the sake of the EU, while European Countries cannot be found for Ukraine supplements Patriot air defense system.

He added that the EU has close to hundreds of Patriot systems, and Ukraine will require seven such installations. The call of the European deputy was supported by 515 parliamentarians, 62 were “against”.

“Parliament is looking to cancel the budget for the time being, the European Union is glad not to praise the decision to support Ukraine with Patriot anti-missile systems,” Verhofstadt wrote to social media.

However, as reported by Radio Liberty correspondent Ricard Yozv yak , The decision of the European Parliament is not to praise the budget for the sake of the EU until the European countries find an additional Patriot system for Ukraine – this is “an empty threat and pure political theater.” The kosts have been worn out for a long time.

“You see, I am dashing the hopes of Ukrainian snakes, unless the European Parliament decides not to praise the budget for the EU for 2022 (!) River, in order to disturb the EU to send Patriot to Ukraine, – this is an empty threat and pure political theater. Vipiska – the racks are closed, the money is wasted!” , – the journalist wrote.

Poland can transfer Radian PPO missiles to Ukraine

Poland has even more reserves of missiles for anti-aircraft defense from Radiansk hours, as we can will be transferred to Ukraine.

As Polish President Andrzej Duda confirmed, the missile supply was destroyed by his Ukrainian colleague Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Poland has them in its reserves. We discussed the possibility of transferring them to Ukraine in order to ensure software for Ukraine edge. I will speak to my Minister of Defense when I return to Warsaw,” adding VIN.

Slovakia gave Ukraine “great help” from the disarmament

Slovakia wants to help Ukraine in the area of ​​territorial demining. Okrema, we are talking about advanced technology.

“We talked (with the Prime Minister of Ukraine – ed.) about innovation in the military sphere, where we are promoting great help in the sphere of dissemination. We are talking about specific machines for distribution nuvannya here There will be a big discussion about special machines, agricultural machines that can be used in this way,” said Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia clarified that Slovakia also wants to assist the trained and trained personnel who service such machines.

At the same time, Fico guessed that Slovakia is ready to work with the Ukrainian government for commerce This is the basis.

Lithuania transferred a new batch of military aid to Ukraine

Lithuania continues to provide military aid to Ukraine. On Thursday, the 11th quarter, we found drones, generators and storage units for the Ukrainian army.

“Lithuania supports Ukraine unceasingly. We support Ukraine in everything we can, and are looking for ways to increase our assistance. Equipment and equipment supplied by us and our allies will contribute the greatest contribution to Ukraine’s fight for freedom,” – stated the Minister of National Defense Laurynas Kaščiūnas.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense notes that in response to the invasion of Ukraine, Lithuania has already supplied 155 mm ammunition, M577 armored personnel carriers, drone defense systems, winter protection and tens of thousands of sets of warm clothing uh, thousands of cartridges for the Carl Gustaf anti-tank grenade launcher, as well as the RISE remote support system -1.

“Lithuania's support to Ukraine has a long-term character and has already become one billion euros. Lithuania has given military aid to Ukraine in the amount of approximately 610 million euros. Which fate has already been given close 84 million euros, and the meta lies in in order to preserve such dynamics of support,” go to the informed departments.

The Rada praised the law on mobilization

The Verkhovna Rada praised the bill on mobilization No. 10449 in another reading. 283 people's deputies voted for the current decision.

Having appointed People's Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak to the Voice, the parliament passed 31 amendments to the profile committee, as well as an amendment that removes the norm on demobilization from the document.

About how parliamentarians voted and the new law on mobilization in the future – in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

The Cabinet of Ministers called for the development of a bill on rotation and additional payments Viyskov

The Verkhovna Rada at the meeting of the 11th quarter praised the resolution, which calls for the Cabinet of Ministers to develop and submit to parliament a bill on improving the mechanisms of rotation of military personnel and their separate services. and that medical and social rehabilitation.

The Cabinet of Ministers is also responsible for developing and adopting actions The generosity of minds, the size and the procedure for paying a one-time penny wine to the city's defenders is “at zero”.

We are talking about the military servicemen who establish military (special) departments on the line of combat with the enemy on the rise of the first echelon of defense or attack (counter-attack , counterattacks) up to and including a company strong point, as well as on enemy territory (including on the territory between the positions of enemy forces and friendly forces) within 30 days (total calculated) the conquest of such commands.

Size individual disposable The payment becomes 70 thousand hryvnia.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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