• 13/06/2024 17:08

French PM calls for 'safe independence' for Europe

Gabriel Attal wants the results of the US elections not to affect Europe's ability to confront the Russian threat.

French PM calls for 'secure independence' Europe

Government Gabriel Attal called on the states of Europe to rely on themselves in matters of security, so as not to depend on the political situation in the United States.

In an interview with CBS, the Prime Minister said that “we need another savior besides NATO.” Attal seeks to strengthen security policy within the European Union: “We must have a European defense budget, we must have sovereignty in this matter.”

The main goal, according to the prime minister, is that “our security, our values, our ability to support Ukraine did not depend on elections overseas.” Attal stressed that he does not seek to interfere with the will of the Americans, but “Europe needs to hold on.”

“What we see in Ukraine speaks of one thing: we need to be prepared for any situation and developments,” – the French politician emphasized.

  • Gabriel Attal headed the French government in January of this year. He is the youngest prime minister in the country's modern history.
  • Attal says France supports Mark Rutte as the next NATO secretary general.



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