• 16/04/2024 03:58

A former employee of the State Emergency Service from Kherson received suspicion of treason in absentia

The article provides for a punishment of fifteen years or life imprisonment, with confiscation of property.

A former employee of the State Emergency Service from the Kherson region was suspected in absentia of high treason

This is reported by the Kherson OVA.

According to the investigation, the man assumed the position of “chief” in the illegally created body “Kherson Regional Administration of the Service for Civil Defense, Emergency Situations and Disaster Relief.” a unit that illegally used the material and technical base of the captured emergency service. Selected personnel and kept records of their working hours. Helped the occupation authorities to organize the work of emergency workers in accordance with Russian standards.

The defendant in absentia received suspicion of high treason under Part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The pre-trial investigation is carried out by the TU GBR in the city of Melitopol , accompanied by employees of the SBU Department in the Kherson region.

Recall that in December last year, an ex-worker from the Kherson correctional colony received 9 years in prison with confiscation of property for high treason. The woman violated the oath of a law enforcement officer and went over to the side of the enemy.


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