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Vibori, Zaluzhny, USA and the road to the world. What does Zelensky say about FOX News from the front line?

President Volodymyr Zelensky asks American colleague Joe Biden and Republican favorite Donald Trump to the front line in Ukraine Enu. He also explained the dismissal of Valery Zaluzhny, calling the duty at the front and the hope that there will be no negotiations with Volodymyr Putin.

RBC-Ukraine made the main statements from an interview with FOX News.

Golovny FOX News political anchor and Special Report editor Bret Baer recorded an interview not far from the front line on the Kharkiv Direction, only a few kilometers from important battles. Zelensky voiced the value of an interview in such an unsafe place.

“It’s even more important for me… The United States needs to start another war here, closer to the front line,” he said.

About the requests of American leaders

Zelensky responded to US President Joe Biden and the favorite of the Republican Party Donald Trump with requests to withdraw from Ukraine and in his opinion that he is on the front line of this tragedy ї”.

“I would like to encourage all candidates and all people who praise the decision or can support it, without being against it, just to understand what the war in Ukraine means… Who started this war, who started it , and what is in store for us. “Ukraine was brilliant. We have a great country, but during the war it’s a different picture and a different way of life,” he said.

About Trump, he said “end the war in 24 years”

The President of Ukraine supports Trump’s statement that it is possible to end the war in 24 years, if he is elected President of the United States. In his words, it was not clear to him how he could accomplish such a feat. Zelensky said that Trump cannot solve this problem without him and urged him to hold a meeting at the forefront and explain everything to him.

“Perhaps, I have some ideas. I don’t know… I’ll give you a little more, “What happens, and after that, I think I'll change my mind. We all realized that there are two sides to this war: there is only one enemy, and this is the position of (Volodymyr, – ed.) Putin,” – to give vin.

About Putin's fall

Zelensky believes that the Russian people can topple Putin and achieve change. But this is important, especially to the fact that “Putin is afraid of the strong and does not accept any weakness.” And this means that Ukraine may lose its strength on the battlefield and will not allow Russia to gain anything.

“Your position will be weak, because for more and more victims, people in Russia will fight for it and will be against the war .Qia “Hvilya are the ones we need,” the president said.

About diplomatic regulation and negotiations with Putin

Zelensky criticized the Russian dictator’s interview with Tucker Carlson and stated that he does not need to hear more than two years “l. ..a”, pushing on what Putin said about Ukraine.

In his words, Putin is an unreliable person. He also guessed that French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz rejected Putin’s guarantees that Russia would not recuperate Ukraine.

Vin also cast doubt on the words about those that Russia would not not involved in the attack on Poland , Latvia is “for whom else”. Having added that Putin’s sharpness seems to be that she has no intention of hesitating, “until we reach our goal.”

About Ukrainian spending on wars

When asked about the spending of the Zelensky government, it is vague, saying about tens of thousands. Apart from imagining them as lesser, the same as the Russian Federation suffered. In his words, Russia is “wasting five soldiers on every killed Ukrainian soldier.”

About those, when the war ends

The President of the Conversions, that the world is afraid of changes in Russia and the loss of power by Volodymyr Putin.

“The world is not ready for Putin to lose his power. The world is afraid of changes in the Russian Federation. And the red lines. She is an inadequate person, she is a threat to everyone Svita, the vicinel of the namagatim of NATO. I Kolya Khvita Zrozumi, all – Tsey is the moment of Vіin to Zachin, ”said VIN. . And also in response to messages from American legislators.

“If they want to be more pragmatic, encouragement, as we ask for at once, the price is lower than it will be in the future. They pay much more, much more. We just want to live. We have no alternative… I think “They understand that we are simply trying to ruin our days with our children. Just say, what do you think, that we are fighting for common values, let's support (us, ed.), let's be united,” he said .

About the department at the front

According to Zelensky’s words, now the department No. 1 is defense.

“Let’s continue our successful history in the Black Sea. I won’t go into details, but we have some surprises in store for Russia. This is very important. The day is important. Zvichaino, mi gotuvatimemo a new counter-offensive, new operations. Of course, I don’t say that we are simply worthwhile. This should lie beneath the wealth of speeches,” he said.

About corruption in Ukraine

Speaking about the Americans’ fear of corruption, Zelensky declared that “everything is clear.” In his words, Ukrainians were pursuing the reforms that the European Union would require. Moreover, he also noted that in the hour of war it is important to introduce new “comprehensive anti-corruption reforms”, and also said that the EU supported the vision of Ukraine.

About the presidential election

Zelensky will say that “having squashed the election in edges”. In his words, during the hour of war the law does not allow holding presidential elections. Tim is not less concerned about the ratings, as elections were held today, and there will be changes.

About the election process

The President continues to insist that without the help of Zadok, Ukraine cannot maintain its defense, but tries to improve the economy and stability, which, in its turn, can allow the growth of the growth of the moisture outbreak. In his words, there is a need for stronger, more advanced missiles and artillery.

“On the right, not in types, but in variety. Increased efficiency, including anti-aircraft defense to protect people, to enable the economy and grow , – which means that there is a possibility of insecurity,” indicating the guilt.

About the return of refugees

Zelensky’s assertions that if Ukrainians turn back from behind the cordon, the economy is growing.

“The place is rich in workers, There are a lot of gifts, I respect that it is necessary to be strong and, therefore, to support them as strongly as possible, to support them. And in this position, in a strong position we have found one This is a very important diplomatic route. This is a document,” adding Vin.

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