• 29/05/2024 14:12

A plan for the revival of Mariupol was presented in Brussels – Mariupol Reborn

At the Plenary meeting of the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels, Mariupol big head Vadim Boychenko presented a large-scale project for the revitalization of Mariupol .

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with a message to the press service of the local head.

“Today’s Ukrainian communities will require support on various fronts. We have already begun to prepare for the deoccupation of our territories. We don’t know when that will happen, but we know for sure that we may be ready. Our sections of the Association of Places of Ukraine have started a dialogue between communities of our place – this is the Mariupol Reborn project, which we are forming together with international partners. “We have created a personnel reserve for renewal and vitality,” Boychenko said.

The Mariupol Reborn team says that the systematic promotion of the plan for the revival of Mariupol, broadcast on the international stage, allows us to focus on the tragedy of the place and all of Ukraine , and I will provide practical assistance: expert, material, diplomatic. And this information can be scaled up to other victims of the war in the territory of Ukraine.

“Mariupol Reborn has already developed a comprehensive examination of the new place – this is a plan for first-aid campaigns, urban visits, evidence of obtaining donors. This expert base is universal and it is already possible to ensure the deoccupation of the community renovation of Ukrainian places. Group of companies SCM Rinata Akhmetova to earn his contribution from the Ukrainian government today,” explains the director of the Mariupol Reborn State Organization, director of direct development of the Metinvest group, Oleksandr Vishnyakov

It seems that the Mariupol Reborn project is being implemented in Mariupol Miska is glad for the investment support SCM by Rinat Akhmetov.

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