• 26/05/2024 07:57

A windfall for Solsky: the court adjourned

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court postponed the meeting in order to protect the Minister of Agriculture new politics of Ukraine Mykoli Solsky.

RBC-Ukraine reports this with requests to broadcast the court hearing.

As soon as the judge has voted, the meeting will be held tomorrow, 25th quarter, at 11:00.

Today's meetings lasted for a little over two years. It ended around 16:35.

Why do the ministers suspect

It seems that yesterday, the 23rd quarter, law enforcement reported that one of the ministers was suspected of the plundering of the sovereign land for 291 million hryvnia, as well as about the test of reclaiming a land plot worth 190 million hryvnias.

Dzherela RBC-Ukraine spoke about those who are talking about the Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Mykola Solsky.

Solsky himself, reacting to I suspect noting that we will go from 2017 to 2018, if he is a lawyer and has not yet worked as a government official.

Behind the words of the minister, on the right there are super-respects between government enterprises and individuals, in the military they ATO for the lands that were transferred They are in legal custody.

SAP press secretary Olga Postolyuk said in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine that prosecutors are asking that Solsky be sent to pre-trial detention center with the possibility of making an arrest.

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