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Kharkov businessman, who “surrendered” positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the enemy, received 5.5 years in prison

The entrepreneur marked the locations of personnel and military equipment on maps and transferred this data to the Russian curator. At the trial, he admitted his guilt.

Kharkov businessman, who “surrendered” positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the enemy, received 5.5 years in prison

Kharkov businessman, who passed information about the deployment to the Russians Defense Forces in the region, sentenced to 5.5 years in prison.

This was reported by the regional prosecutor's office.

The Ordzhonikidze District Court of Kharkov found the businessman guilty under Part 2 of Art. 114-2, part 1 art. 263 of the Criminal Code – “unauthorized dissemination under martial law of information about the location of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” as well as “purchase, storage and sale of ammunition without permission provided by law.”

It was established that in July 2023, a private entrepreneur engaged in the sale of plumbing fixtures marked on maps the target location of personnel and military equipment of the Defense Forces in Kharkov and sent these files to the Russian curator via Telegram.

In addition, the man purchased four hand grenade bodies and fuses for them. He hid the ammunition at his place of work – in the trading pavilion of one of the local markets. Subsequently, the entrepreneur was instructed to hand over three disassembled grenades to a person who would give the password. The accused received payment for the ammunition on a bank card.

The Kharkov resident kept another grenade for himself and kept it in the trunk of his car. Last September, during a search of a car, law enforcement officers seized a grenade and detained a man. During further investigative actions, the fact of cooperation between the entrepreneur and a representative of the Russian Federation was established.

During the trial, the accused admitted his guilt. He was sentenced to five years and six months in prison. The period for appeal continues.

It was previously reported that an Odessa resident aimed Russian missiles at the buildings of the Security Service and the Prosecutor's Office in order to avenge his conviction.


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