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According to Zelensky, Crimea and the associated battle in the Black Sea will become the center of gravity of the war, – The Economist

The liberation of Crimea would be an example for the world and would have a great effect inside Russia. This would show that “thousands of Russian officers died only because of Putin's ambitions.”

According to Zelensky, Crimea and the related battle in Cherny - The Economist

Crimea and the associated battle in the Black Sea will become the center of gravity of the war. Isolating Crimea, illegally annexed by Russia in 2014, and reducing Russian military potential in this region are extremely important for Ukraine, because this is a way to reduce the number of attacks from this region.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said this in an interview . The Economist.

He stressed that the liberation of Crimea would be “an example for the world” and would have a great effect inside Russia. The loss of the central part of the Kremlin propaganda would show that “thousands of Russian officers died only because of Putin's ambitions.” Losing the naval bases that Russia has held for the past 240 years would be a huge inconvenience for Putin.

However, the speed of any success will depend on military assistance from Western partners. A long-range cruise missile with the ability to explode deep inside its target, the Taurus, could help destroy the $4 billion Kerch Bridge, effectively isolating the Crimean peninsula from Russia.

“Russia must know that for us this is a military facility,” Zelensky clarified and suggested that the Germans are not the only Western state standing in his way.

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Vladimir Zelensky noted that although the Ukrainian offensive is not going as fast as someone imagined, the opinion that Putin is winning is nothing more than a “feeling.” Russian forces are still going to the slaughter, in particular in Avdeevka, where thousands of dead Russian soldiers lie, which no one carries away.

The President of Ukraine recalled that Putin's army was unable to take a single major city in 2023, and Ukraine broke the Russian blockade of the Black Sea and is now delivering millions of tons of grain along a new route covering the southern coast of Ukraine.

In an interview, Vladimir Zelensky noted that by supporting Ukraine, Europe is protecting itself from Russian aggression.

“By giving us money or weapons, you support yourself. You are saving your children, not ours,” the head of state emphasized, and added that if Russia is allowed to take Ukrainian children, “they will take other children.”

Putin feels weakness like an animal, because he is an animal. He feels the blood, feels his strength. And he will eat you for lunch with your entire EU, NATO, freedom and democracy,” Zelensky assured.

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The President recalled that the intelligence services of several European countries have become consider the possibility of an attack on their territory by Russia, and we are even talking about countries that were not part of the USSR. Therefore, European countries should lobby America to support Ukraine for their own sake.

Vladimir Zelensky noted that he does not see “any fundamental steps towards peace from Russia,” while at the same time the Russian Federation continues a barrage of air attacks on Ukrainian cities in the east, south, north and west.

“I see only the steps of a terrorist country,” the head of state emphasized, and clarified that if Russia sends signals about the desire to freeze the conflict, “this is not because they are righteous people, but because they don’t have enough missiles, ammunition or trained troops.”

After this, the President of Ukraine assured, Russia will start a war again.

Vladimir Zelensky noted that the United States will provide military assistance, but Ukraine is increasing its own production in case Western supplies are not enough.

As part of this Plan B, he asks the American government to grant Ukraine licenses for the production of weapons, starting with artillery systems and air defense missiles.

Mobilization of Ukrainian society and the world, as at the beginning of the war, today no, and this needs to be changed, the president noted. Although changes to mobilization legislation are not popular, there is no alternative.

“Mobilization is not only about soldiers going to the front. It's about all of us. This is the mobilization of all efforts. This is the only way to protect our state and de-occupy our land. Let’s be honest, we switched to domestic politics,” Zelensky said.

But if Ukrainians continue to focus on domestic politics, it is necessary to call elections, change the law, the Constitution. And then you need to forget about counter-offensive actions and de-occupation.


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