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Subway cars derailed near California, causing injuries

In the state of California, Monday, 1 September, March 2020 the proud pull of the regional metro BART. The incident occurred between the Orinda and Lafayette stations, at least nine people were injured.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via CBS News.

The accident occurred around 9:00 a.m. . The train, which goes directly to the exit, often converges from the rails near the Orinda station.

The later BART administration reported that the rails often converged on the stretch between Orinda stations and Lafayette. Shortly before the incident, the Operations Control Center ordered the traction driver to manually align the route during the stretch, since the computer could not work through the problem with the signaling. The convergence of the rails began under the hour of manual pulling.

Two carriages caught fire and passengers were forced to evacuate them. According to people's words, immediately after the accident, a fire burned under the carriage.

Nine people were sent to the musculoskeletal hospitals, the state of their health is unknown.

Through the incident of the Orinda and Lafayette stations was closed, and railway line passengers were advised to find alternative transport.

The reasons for the convergence of cars from the rails are unknown. The investigation is worrying.

Accidents at the salvage plant in the USA

At the shipyard of the past fate in the state of Men, the rails went out and the pulley caught fire, transporting unsafe speeches. Three locomotives and six railcars left the rails in the wooded area of ​​the state and caused a fire.

In the year 2023 in the American state of Ohio, the rails burst from the rails and the draft caught fire, transporting unsafely chni speeches.

In addition, in the American states of Arizona and Washington, two tensions have arisen. The accident resulted in the spillage of approximately 19 tons of diesel fuel.

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