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Actress Victoria Timoshenko died as a result of a Russian attack in Kharkov

The actress died from injuries received as a result of the Russian attack on Kharkov.

Actress Victoria Timoshenko died as a result of a Russian attack in Kharkov

Victoria Timoshenko

Actress Victor died in Kharkov as a result of a Russian attack

This was reported by the press service of the Kharkov Academic Drama Theater.

“With deep sadness and pain, the team of the Kharkov Academic Drama Theater reports the death caused by injuries as a result of an enemy attack on Kharkov, our colleague, Honored Artist of Ukraine Victoria Nikolaevna Timoshenko,” the message says.


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Victoria Timoshenko was born on August 18, 1939. She graduated from the theater studio at the Dagestan State Theater in Makhachkala in 1960. The actress has been an adornment of the creative team of KHADT since her appearance in the troupe in 1968.

Over the years of work as an actress, she has played many different roles: Sofia Ivanovna (“The Old Maid” by N. Ptushkina), Madame Sivel (“My “Parisian” by R. Lamoureux), Burykina (“The Jester of Balakirev” by G. Gorin), Rosalia (“Filumena Marturano” by Ed. de Filippo), Fekla Ivanovna (“The Marriage” by M. Gogol), Golda, (“Funeral Prayer” for Sholom -Aleichem), Mama (“Clinical Case” by R. Cooney), Miss Motmorency (“Beauty and the Family” by S. Maugham), Nana (“37 Postcards” by M. McKeever) and many others.

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    The Russian army struck Kharkov on the morning of January 2. There were several arrivals in the city center and in residential areas. At first they reported one death and more than fifty wounded. According to the police, the enemy struck with Iskander missiles.

  • On December 23, Ukrainian actor Bogdan Kolesnik died at the front while performing a combat mission.
  • Defending Ukraine from Russian invaders, actor Evgeniy Svetlichny died.


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