• 20/04/2024 16:55

The Pentagon heard a rumor about the disposal of ATACMS missiles instead of transferring them to Ukraine

US Department of Defense Secretary Patrick Ryder responded to press reports about the disposal of ATACMS missiles .

This was stated by the US Department of Defense spokesman Patrick Ryder, RBC-Ukraine reports that he was sent to broadcast a briefing to the Pentagon.

According to Patrick Ryder, information about the US plans to dispose of ATACMS missiles outside the operational line what has passed , instead of transferring them to Ukraine, does not indicate effectiveness

“I have received this information from the press. We have verified them and it is not true. This information does not indicate effectiveness,” – for meaning riverboat to the Pentagon.

Disposal of ATACMS missiles

Earlier, the American publication Newsweek reported that the United States was thinking about how to operate with hundreds of ATACMS extended-range missiles, without a line of affiliation, which has passed. Even Ukraine will require such armoring.

The report indicates that the United States plans to purchase hundreds of such missiles for the cost of American tax payers.

US assistance to Ukraine

The US Congress did not praise Joe Biden for a vision of over 100 billion dollars for national security needs until the end of 2023. In this case, over 60 billion dollars have been transferred to Ukraine.

We previously reported that Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin accused Ukraine of inadvertently supporting Ukraine through a missile strike from Russia.

We also wrote that the US President Joe Biden, having signed a bill on major defense spending, also has additional help for Ukraine.

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