• 22/04/2024 12:05

Air defense forces shot down 11 Russian suicide bombers out of 13 and two Kh-59 missiles

The Russians attacked from the Voronezh and Kursk regions, as well as from temporarily occupied territories.

Air defense forces shot down 11 Russian On the night of February 27, 2024, the enemy attacked with Iskander-M/KN-23 ballistic missiles from the Voronezh region, four X-59 guided aircraft missiles, one anti-radar missile – Kh-31P from the occupied territories of the Kherson and Donetsk regions and 13 attack drones of the “Shahed” type (launch areas Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Kursk region of the Russian Federation).

This was reported by the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Fighter aircraft, anti-aircraft missile units of the Air Force, mobile fire groups and means were involved in repelling the air attack electronic warfare of the Defense Forces.

As a result of combat work, the air defense destroyed two X-59 guided aircraft missiles and 11 “martyrs” within the borders of the Kharkov, Sumy, Dnepropetrovsk, Khmelnytsky and Kirovograd regions .

We would like to remind you that over the past 24 hours the Defense Forces have eliminated another 850 Russian invaders. In total, Russia has already lost 411,550 troops in Ukraine.


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