• 14/04/2024 17:36

An earthquake has appeared near the Poltava region

In the Reshetylivsky district of the Poltava region today night, 1 bereznya, becoming earth rus with a magnitude of 3.6.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a message sent to the website of the Head Center for Special Control.

It appears that the epicenter of the earthtruder is located just before the city of Poltava at a depth of 10 km. The post was recorded at 2:22 Kyiv hour.

Map: Head Center of Special Control (gcsk.gov.ua)

For the classification of earthtrusses, you must follow the icebreakers. The wagon could be perceived by the more active people who are in the quiet place in the middle of the area, especially on the upper surfaces.

Earthtrusses in Ukraine

Earthtrusses are periodically observed in the lower regions of Ukraine , as a rule, longer low magnitude.

So, on February 18, an earthquake was registered near the Ternopil region with an epicenter at a depth of 5 km. At the beginning of the month, an earthtruck also appeared in the Carpathians. The strength of the ships was brought to the noticeable level.

In addition, in the past fate, in the same part of Slovakia, an earthtruder appeared, which was captured by the people of the western regions of Ukraine.

At Veresna in Transcarpathia, They caught an earthworm at the border from Rumunia. His strength was still incredible.

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