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An Odessa resident aimed Russian missiles at the buildings of the Security Service and Prosecutor's Office to avenge his conviction – SBU

In 2019, a resident of Odessa received a suspended sentence for public calls for changing the borders of Ukraine.

Odessa residents aimed Russian missiles at the buildings of the Security Service and the Prosecutor's Office to take revenge ></p>
<p>Security Service Ukraine announced the detention of another FSB agent, who, according to the agency, was preparing a new series of missile and drone attacks on Odessa. </p>
<p>Among the coordinates that he transmitted to the Russians were several buildings of the SBU and the prosecutor's office. It is noted that in this way the Odessa resident wanted to take revenge on law enforcement officers for a conviction received in 2019 for public calls to change the borders of Ukraine. </p>
<p>Then the court gave him a suspended sentence, which allowed the convict to leave the pre-trial detention center to freedom. </p>
<p>Later on, he “lay to the bottom,” but in the spring of 2023, the defendant continued to distribute his anti-Ukrainian materials on social networks. Thus, he came to the attention of the FSB, which subsequently recruited him remotely to adjust the fire on Odessa. </p>
<p>One of the first tasks that the FSB set for the agent was to search for and transmit the coordinates of an air defense anti-aircraft missile system. However, the SBU notes that it found out about this because it documented every step of the Russian agent. </p>
<p>Thanks to this, comprehensive measures were taken to secure the bases of the Defense Forces, and the defendant himself was detained while transmitting intelligence to the aggressor. </p>
<p>According to the investigation, in order to obtain intelligence information, the agent walked around the city and its environs. There he recorded the possible locations of Ukrainian defenders. The resulting “report” was sent to the FSB through a popular messenger. To do this, I used two mobile phones connected to a Wi-Fi network. </p>
<p>After completing the communication session with the FSB, the traitor deleted all correspondence for secrecy. For cooperation with the occupiers, he received monetary rewards from them on his own bank card. </p>
<p>During a search in the detainee’s premises, three military grenades and ammunition for small arms were confiscated. </p>
<p>Now Security Service investigators have informed him of suspicion under Part 2 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (high treason). </p>
<p>The perpetrator is in custody without bail. He faces life imprisonment.</p>
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Last month, the SBU detained a “truck driver” who was spying on Ukrainian Armed Forces ships near the Odessa seaport. Driving a truck, a man drove into the ports, where he tried to covertly record geolocation.


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