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At the border with Moldova I requested “eCherga” for buses: what do you know?

For 24 weeks, at the border between Ukraine and Moldova, I have been requesting “eCherga” for buses. This allows you to reverse the crossing of the cordon.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with the requests to the Ministry for the development of communities, territory and infrastructure of Ukraine.

Zokrema, since 24 weeks already at 10 checkpoints Moldova's skin bus will have the opportunity to turn around the cross-cordon at the boundaries of the “єCherga” service.

“As part of the reform of international bus transportation, the Ministry of Renovation continues to work on the security of the possibility of crossing the cordon by buses,” explains the need to implement the innovation.

At which checkpoints the service will request

Possibility of You will be available at 10 checkpoints in Moldova for about an hour . So, to Mamaliga – Kriva and Mogiliv-Podilsky – Otac you can reach:

  • Vinogradivka – Vulcanesti;
  • Maloyaroslavets 1 – Ceadir-Lunga;
  • Novi Troiani – Chadir-Lunga;
  • Reni – Giurgiulesti;
  • Serpneve 1 – Basarab'yaska;
  • Starokozace – Tudora;
  • Tabaki – Mirna;
  • Rososani – Briceni ;

Hereafter, such an opportunity will be available at the checkpoint Palanka – Beacons – Convenient.


Registration for a new type of card, which is called “Behind the layout” for checkpoints The pass from Moldova begins on the 24th week at 12:00. The rush of buses for a new entry will start on the 25th week at 12:00.

“єCherga” for buses

In the sickle of 2023, the service “єCherga” was scaled to buses. In testing mode, they work at key checkpoints for buses.

As Minister of Development of Communities, Territory and Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov, for a month this option has been running at the Yagodin-Dorogusk checkpoint from Poland, where there are no regular buses. brightness buses that cross the cordon for food have not changed, but everyone is expected to travel regularly until the indicated hour. So that our people no longer check with physical persons,” the minister said.

As RBC-Ukraine previously wrote, he announced osya, scho in Ukraine, an electronic armor system will request the crossing of the “єCherga” cordon at 16 checkpoints. Among them are those that were developed in the Lviv region. In the fall of 2024, the Cabinet of Ministers has updated the transfer of goods from the “єCherga” system, which may have priority when crossing the cordon or will require a special saving regime.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine Read them on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram .

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