• 17/06/2024 19:12

At least six aircraft were destroyed as a result of an attack on the Morozovsk airfield in Russia, sources

Eight more aircraft were damaged.

As a result of an attack on the Morozovsk airfield in Russia, at least six aircraft were destroyed, sources

Morozovsk six aircraft. Sources reported this to LB.ua.

The attack was carried out by the SBU together with the military and other defense forces. Front-line bombers Su-24, Su-24M, Su-34 were based at the airfield – these are the types of aircraft Russia uses to drop KABs on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and front-line Ukrainian cities.

At least six military aircraft were destroyed , and eight more received significant damage. There is evidence of enemy casualties of 20 soldiers killed and wounded.

“This is an important special operation that will significantly reduce the combat potential of the Russians,” the source notes.

  • Planes before burned at the Morozovsk airfield. On the night of December 17, Russian air defense allegedly destroyed and intercepted 33 drones. The UAVs tried to attack a military airfield in the Rostov region, where Su-24, Su-24M, and Su-34 fighters are based. The 559th Guards Bomber Guards Regiment (military unit 75392) is based here.
  • Subsequently, LB.ua sources reported that this attack was a joint special operation of the SBU and the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The enemy suffered significant damage. At the time of the strike, there were up to 20 Su-34s at the airfield. Also, on the territory of the airfield there were 3 radar stations and other equipment.
  • Tonight, drones attacked Morozovsk and some military airfields of the invaders.


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