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Morozovsk, Yoisk and Engels. In Russia there was a massive swell in three places near the airfields

Russia complained about the massive drone raids. The enemy has attacked hundreds of drones and traditionally called Ukraine. The peculiarity of this attack was that among the attacked places there were three, containing airfields, which are the enemy of the vikorists in the war.

RBC-Ukraine in the material is less clear about the places behind the airfields This night I felt some vibrations and we know about inheritance.

By the time the material was written, the following data were being used: the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Shot Telegram channel, Russian regional ZMI, the Twitter page of the OSINT investigator MT Anderson and other data from the secret sources.

As you see from the Ministry of Defense of Russia, On this night, the PPO almost “shot down” 53 drones in the following regions:

  • over the Rostov region – 44;
  • over the Krasnodar Territory – 6;
  • over the Saratov region – 1;
  • over Kursk – 1;
  • over Belgorod – 1.

In this case, in three places, among the most important Russian regions, vibukhas were located there, where the airfields were located. And itself: Morozovsk in the Rostov region, Yeisk in the Krasnodar region and Engels in the Saratov region.


So, in the Rostov region, as Russian publics write, the military airfield in Morozovskaya was sunk before the attack. Vlada region did not confirm this. They informed us about the arrival at the substation and the switching on of the light.

It is noteworthy that this place, built on a distance of about 300 km from Ukraine, was hit by the first blow at night. Eyewitnesses recorded over 60 vibrations. It is significant that the Morozovsky military airfield is home to the Russian 559th “Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment.”

OSINT investigator MT Anderson reported that the 4th quarter at the airbase in Morozovskaya was accommodated by 26 vinishuvachiv Su- 34 and three Su-35 aircraft that launch aerial bombs across Ukraine.

Photo: Russian aviation at the airfield Morozovsky 4th quarter (twitter.com/MT_Anderson)

According to the data from the airborne aircraft, at which airfield the front-line bombers Su-24 and Su-24M are also based.


In the town of Yysk, Krasnodar region, which is located 150 km from Ukraine, it was dark at around 03:00. At least 10 vibukhs were found there. The local Telegram channels write that the Russian PPO was “practicing” over the place.

The sound of heavy vibukhs near Yys'ku was also felt by the sound of machine guns near the Mіstsevogo airfield and the Vіys'kovo Mіstechka. It is significant that in the western part of the place there is a large airfield of the Russian Navy, where the 959th Bombardment Aviation Regiment is stationed, which is located at the warehouse of the 1st Guards Mixed Aviation Division. The armored regiment consists of front-line Su-24 bombers.

Back in early 2022, analysts showed that the airfield is being intensively conquered by the Russian military and is now close to moving to Ukraine (moving 150 kilometers from the battle line on Zaporizhzhia direct) – to serve as the advanced conquered base of the occupiers – there were 10 of them in the first river of a large-scale war Su-34, at least 7 Su-25, two each Il-38, An-26, Su-30SM, Tu-134UBL, An-72⁣, and also one Be-200ChS.

Aerodrome near It’s necessary to establish combat missions and develop tactical aviation of the 4th Army of the UPS of the Russian Federation. It appears that the airfield itself was destroyed by the bombing of Mariupol.


In the Saratov region they wrote about the vibukha in Engels (about 700 km from Ukraine), where there is a base for strategic bombers. Mіstseva Vlada confirms that “there is no chance.” Eyewitnesses confirm that at around 05:00 they heard the sounds of gunfire, then heard a loud noise. After which the siren went off.

It is significant that this is the main base of bombers and the only place in the Russian Federation where the strategic bombers Tu-160 are based. At the air base with the official name “Engels-2” the 121st Guards Sevastopol and the 184th important bomber aviation regiments are stationed, which are based on the armed strategic bombers Tu-16 0 and Tu-95MS obviously.

With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, “Engels-2” became one of the Russian airfields that is being used for launching missile attacks on the territory of Ukraine.

Guess what, that in the wake of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, military drones regularly arrive at Russian airfields. The Russian Ministry of Defense is mainly involved in Ukraine, and although Kiev officially does not comment on such information, the Ukrainian military-political establishment has repeatedly explained that the shortages themselves carrying missiles and bombs is an effective fight against Russian terrorist terrorism, which enemy is strong with the remaining hours.

In the same way, the Ukrainian Defense Forces manage to beat the enemy “birds”, and even if they strike at the airfields of the enemy, both developed in the occupied territories, and in the Russian Federation. RBC-Ukraine wrote in detail about this in its material “Maidanchik for attacks. How the Russian Federation is victorious airfields for war so that Ukraine can attack them.”

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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