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ATACMS attack on the occupiers near the Lugansk region: ZMI announced the results of the attack

As a result of the ATACMS attack on the occupiers at the training ground in the Lugansk region, over 100 Russians soldiers were killed, as well a large number of military personnel were wounded.

RBC-Ukraine reported this in a letter to Newsweek.

“The footage shows the destruction of the Ukrainian ATACMS strike, which resulted in the destruction of ATACMS missiles, including one ammunition, which without breaking up, they hit the Russian training ground in Mozhnyakivtsi, Lugansk region. Judging by the footage, the expenses will be “significant,” the report said.

OSINT analysts also stated that one ATACMS had been hired, hitting a group of whites. w nizh 100 Russian soldiers struck by hundreds of M74 APAM bombs.

ATACMS attack on a Russian Army training ground near the Lugansk region

It became known earlier that a video of an incredible ATACMS attack on Russians near a village and Rogova Lugansk region. became approximately 78 kilometers from the battle line. According to analysts, the area of ​​impact and the number of elements that are affected are significantly lower in GMLRS, therefore, it is likely that the attack would be from ATACMS ballistic missiles of the American manufacture.

The US Department of Defense noted that Ukraine has already adopted ATACMS on the cob kvitnya. US President Joe Biden secretly praised this program. Dzherel The New York Times reported that Ukrainian soldiers captured more than a hundred of these missiles.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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