• 13/06/2024 04:16

Media: ATACMS in the Lugansk region destroyed more than 100 occupiers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked an enemy training ground near Mozhnyakovka.

Media: ATACMS in the Luhansk region destroyed more than 100 invaders


Newsweek edition, Ukrainian troops attacked the infidels’ training ground in the Luhansk region, in as a result of which the enemy suffered more than 100 military casualties.

According to images that were geolocated as taken near Mozhnyakovka, Lugansk region, four ATACMS missiles were used, one of which did not reach the target. But three others hit accurately, including one right in the concentration of enemy manpower.

The Institute for the Study of War says 116 Russians were killed in the attack. They were “literally bombarded with hundreds of bombs” that act as submunitions for long-range missile systems.

  • General Hodges announced the targets for ATACMS provided to Ukraine: Russian headquarters, logistics, artillery on the front line and in Crimea. < /li>
  • Joe Biden agreed on the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine back in February; the information was kept secret for security reasons.



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