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Biden and Meloni discussed assistance to Ukraine in the White House

US President Joe Biden met with Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni at the White House i. He commended the Italian head of state for his staunch support of Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a post to the White House website and YouTube.

At the hour of the meeting, the leaders exchanged views on the future prospects for Italy at the hour of the Great Family vote. Among them are the constant support of Ukraine, steel development, food and energy security, migration, as well as the development of artificial intelligence and the continuation of strong efforts to support the Partnership with Global Infrastructure and others. news.

Biden with a win Italy's Melonians confirmed Ukraine's unwavering support in the fight against Russian aggression. The President highly appreciated Melona's leadership role in the G7 and the European Union, directly focusing on providing additional assistance to Ukraine.

“Our plan is to first ensure an international order that is based on the rules, that protects freedom and ensures Ukraine’s future,” Meloni said.

The members also confirmed their support for Israel’s right to self-government The defense is based on international law and we discussed the importance of assistance I will attack the Gaza Strip in our minds. Biden stated that the United States will provide humanitarian assistance to the residents of Gazi from the start.

In addition, the leaders discussed the upcoming summit of the leaders of the Great Family in Apulia and the NATO summit in Washington. They have voiced the vital importance of transatlantic carriers and their important role in high-ranking leaders.

It is likely that the US House of Representatives will take up the provision of new funding for assistance to Ukraine after that. de priedzheno timchase pripinennya roboti American order.

In the words of Speaker Johnson, “the House of Representatives is carefully considering all possible options, and we will return to this issue again as necessary funding is withdrawn.”

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