• 24/04/2024 05:26

In Odessa, there were casualties and destruction of houses due to the attack of the “martyrs”

The occupiers again entered residential areas.

In Odessa, due to the attack of the

Air defense work against drones Oleg Main Odessa Regional in Telegram reported, that as a result of a night enemy attack using attack drones in Odessa, at least four people were injured, including one child.

According to the official, the “shaheds” damaged residential multi-storey buildings. The relevant services are working at the site of the hits, information about the injured is being clarified.

  • At the end of February, the enemy attacked Odessa with drones, then there were no casualties, the power grid was damaged.
  • As a result of the attack that occurred . a week before, four people died in Odessa.


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