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Drone strike on the rich surface of Odessa: there is a victim, the ritualists are clearing out the rubble

In Odessa, following the overnight attack of the Russian occupiers due to the stagnation of drones Ikaze type “Shahed” that wedding The pilotless man died on top of the plane. Kilka Gromyan, a middle of them, was arranged by ditin.

about the transfer of RBC-Ukrainian, to the telegram channel of the head of the Odmіniystrai (ov) Oleg Kira.

Obel the legacy of the enemy's attack on the site and the discovery of the victim.

“Unfortunately, there is one death as a result of the Russian attack,” says the statement.

The OVA officer added that the sound The surgical operation on the muscle is troubling.

Before that, the administration announced that due to the attack of the “Shaheds”, the life and surface of the buildings were destroyed, and specialists are working on the spot to sort out the rubble that people may be caught in.

It was immediately reported about several victims, over the past year There were updates, and the number increased to seven people.

“The three-year-old baby cut off its legs, under the supervision of doctors. Six adults, in advance, are in the stage of moderate severity,” the official reported.

Meanwhile, in Odessa TG channels and public pages, a photo was published, which indicates the place of “Shahed’s” encounter in a residential building.

“Shaheds” attack on Ukraine in the evening against 2nd birth

It was previously reported that in Ukraine in the evening on Friday they began to go wild and emergency alarms in different areas. The reason was a terrible attack from the side of the Russian prisons, launched by Shahed-type drones.

Close to the evening in Kharkov, vibrations began to sound in the hour of renewed alarm. As they later developed in the OVA, when they “arrived” in one of the districts of the place, there was a fire, and two cars caught fire, the windows of many surfaces were broken, there was damage to garages, there is no data on the victims May.

Later it became clear that in the Odessa region the forces and capabilities of anti-aircraft defense were working through the attack of the “Shaheds”. The place had at least two vibrations.

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