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Deadly fishing incident blocking waterways between China and Taiwan

A high-ranking Chinese official criticized Taiwan's ruling party and called it “cruel behavior” by the Chinese dent z “vignannyam” Chinese fishing vessel, under the hour of which the fishermen perished.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Bloomberg.

The head of the Chinese office is on the right to Taiwan Song Tao under the hour of competition in Beijing from the world – the head of the opposition Kuomintang party, Andrew Xia, noted that Taiwan and the Democratic Progressive Party “ignored the safety of fishing from the mainland and created feelings of people on both sides.”

Tao calls for resentment on both sides to become active about having confirmed that China is participating against the independence of Taiwan and the foreign handover.

The statement of the Chinese official complains about the fatal accident at sea on the 14th. Since registering with China, the Swedish boat was prepared to check over Taiwan and, in the course of time, re-transfer to protect the Taiwanese island of Kinmen. As a result of the incident, two Chinese fishermen died.

After the incident, Taiwan continued to actively maintain security forces, and China increased patrolling around Kinmen. On the fierce Chinese coast, the guards boarded a Taiwanese ship in a rare accident.

At a press briefing of the Chinese Administration in Taiwan, Press Secretary Zhu Fenglian criticized the Democratic Progressive Party authorities for “trying to seize the truth and lose the uniqueness of reality.”

“The mainland is depriving itself of the right to live.” and further visits. Taiwan will be bear all the inheritances,” Zhu said.

Tension between China and Taiwan

There are already a number of political and diplomatic tensions between China and Taiwan that threaten the beginnings of war. Beijing is in the field of his geopolitical zone іnteresiv і Potyiyi jogi yogo, at that time, Yak Taiwan Vygodzhini Zi USA TOKAMAYA. I will win the victory of the pro-Russian candidate Lai Qingde from the strong Democratic Progressive Party.

On the 22nd day, the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan detected six Chinese air balloons flying over the Taiwan Channel. One of them overflowed the island.

Since 1 year, the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration has been asking for a “compensatory approach” for flying directly behind the M503 route, so that there are no restrictions on approaching the middle new lines of the Taiwan channels. The order of Taiwan stemmed from such decisions of Beijing.

In addition, the Chinese army placed several warships in the waters around the island of Taiwan. In this way, Beijing is putting a squeeze on the administration of Taipei at a time of peace.

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