• 26/05/2024 09:02

Biden promised to sign the law on aid to Ukraine and address the nation

The US President stressed that America “resolutely defends democracy and freedom and opposes tyranny and oppression.”

Biden promised to sign the law on aid to Ukraine and address the nation

US President Joe Biden US Joe Biden will sign The Senate's security funding bill, which includes more than $60 billion for Ukraine and billions for Israel and Taiwan, is “just hitting the floor to begin arms deliveries as soon as this week.”

In a statement on the White House website, Biden also announced that he would then address the American nation.

The President thanked the leaders of both parties, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell, as well as all the senators who voted. votes for a document that “will make the whole world safer while we stand with friends who defend themselves from the terrorists of Hamas and the tyrant Putin.”

Biden said the need for Congressional action was urgent because “Ukraine is suffering from constant Russian bombing, and Israel suffered an unprecedented attack from Iran.”

“We sent a signal to the world about the strength of American leadership: we resolutely defend democracy and freedom and stand against tyranny and oppression,” Biden concluded.

  • The President of Ukraine also responded to the Senate decision Vladimir Zelensky: thanked the Americans who support Ukraine.



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