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President of Finland: the best way to avoid war is to say less and prepare more

Sweden and Finland, as new NATO members, have an important role to play in valuable to the world and our 'extensive rhetoric about war, and thus preparing for it.

Finnish President Alexander Stub said about this, informs RBC-Ukraine in a post on Euractiv.

Stub, who is with the official On a visit to Stockholm, it was possible to quickly discuss the power of defense, putting an end to the military rhetoric of Zakhod, which, in his words, has become increasingly aggressive.

“The best way to end the war – less to say and more get ready. I think you understand The same thing. It’s completely clear. Our screens are filled with wars in Europe and at the Closer Meeting,” he said.

The President of Finland added that such rhetoric could easily destroy the younger generation's sense of security and faith in the future.

“Finland and Sweden are guilty of playing an important role in the world,” he said in ін, having added, what, wanting ” “It doesn’t sound paradoxical”, “that’s why we wanted our mothers to join NATO.”

“It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of what we were able to earn so much at once. It’s also impossible to overestimate the importance of what we were able to earn. We informed each other day and night on all levels. The situation was critical, and we acted conspicuously,” he said.

NATO is preparing for possible escalation

If Russia has made a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, Sweden and Finland, who were apparently neutral to this point, announced their intention to join NATO, fearing that they might become the Kremlin's offensive goals.

In 2022, Finland became the 31st member of NATO, and Sweden needed another way to resolve problems with the Turkish and Ugrian regions, as they did not want to ratify Stockholm’s application to join the alliance.

Last year roku vidannya Bild According to secret documents from the military command, NATO reported that the alliance was preparing for a Russian invasion. In connection with this, the Atlantic Alliance has explored possible scenarios for a war with the Russian Federation.

Admiral Rob Bauer, a senior member of the NATO Military Committee, stated that the alliance will require transformation, and Zahid En prepare for the era in which everything may be -if, including the beginning of war.

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