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Bigus vs SBU. Who's watching journalists: details of the scandal

5 fierce magazine to the Bihus.info project. whether the Service of the Service of the Bezpeki of Ukraine. The secret service operation, according to the press, lasted 6 days. The SBU, from their side, informed that one of the spies for the project is involved in the investigation of drug trafficking.

What was reported and how the officials reacted to the situation, – from the material of RBC-Ukra ina.

During the preparation of the material, Bihus.Info, comments from the SBU, representatives of the government, as well as information from RBC-Ukraine were researched.

Restrictions on journalists

On the 16th of today, social networks published a video in which spivorists for the Bihus.Info project live protected speech. The video shows fragments of the celebration of the Holy Week and footage of the celebration of the new year's corporate party at the castle's office.

Project director Denis Bigus, at his own expense, recorded the video, in which he stated that in the footage of the publication another video operator Bihus.Info, where the project is no longer running, and the spyvrobitniks decide to take tests for drug use.

Also, having noted that we understand, our colleagues were watching over us. “Of course, the wiretapping and surveillance were illegal, but the goals of those who recorded it were clear. But this is not a confirmation of what we saw on the video – but the actualization of the suppressed speeches of some of our colleagues,” Bigus said.

< p dir="ltr">In the comments, the editor of the project, Maxim Opanasenko, stated that his colleagues were “guided” for many months. “We understand that the audition and training took place for a long time – at least a few months. Nowadays, we have no evidence and cannot say what is behind it, mentally speaking, under lied to the Office of the President as pure as human beings,” he said .


Between the 16th and 17th days of media activity and the social spheres, they published statements in an effort to confidentially reveal who was following the spyware for the Bihus.Info project. On September 17, the SBU announced that it had begun an investigation into the fact that journalists were being punished. The department noted that, regardless of what is being discussed with the staff, the very fact of the deadline for the legal assessment.

“The work of independent and professional serpents and the respectful mental development of Ukraine as a democratic state,” added the SBU.

That same evening, SBU operatives conducted a search at the castle complex where the recruited spіvrobitniki Bihus.Info. In a comment on the project, a representative of the SBU noted that the hard drives “have already been delivered and packed in a safe package,” and journalists for the project can take copies of the video from the security cameras of the coming day.

Around this, the 17th century for journalists was criticized by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. He has stated that the pressure on journalists is unacceptable.

Volodymyr Zelensky (photo: Getty Images)

“Okremo – what is the situation with our journalists. Zokrema, the fact that journalists are subject to restrictions. Security Service “An investigation has begun in Ukraine and all the circumstances are clear. Any kind of pressure on journalists is unacceptable,” Zelensky said.

On the 22nd day, the head of the National Police of Ukraine, Ivan Vigivsky, stated that the police had confirmed that the Bigus authorities had carried out several activities. “We are coordinating our actions with the Security Service of Ukraine and the collapse,” said Vigivsky.

31 today, President Zelensky signed a decree on the release of Roman Semenchenko from the imprisonment of the head of the Department for the Protection of National Powers і SBU.


5 years ago on the YouTube channel of the Bihus.Info project and in social media there was an investigation of journalists who reported that the SBU itself was keeping them under surveillance. Journalists said that they were “led” by the Russian military to the Department of Defense of National Power. In addition, they are supported by the Department of Operational and Technical Security of the SBU.

Journalists insist that they followed them for 6 days. The SBU spy squads themselves settled in before the settlement budinochkas, where the Bihus.Info operators later arrived. There they installed cameras and microphones. PISLAL CORPECTIVE Journal SPIVROTYSKED SBU turned to take Technika.

SBU spies at the castle complex before and after the installation of wiretapping (screenshots from Bihus.Info investigation )

What day in the evening on the SBU website and on the website of the agency, they announced that they had indeed imposed restrictions on the Bihus.Info spies. For this information, among the clients of dealers, through which drugs were brought to the hands of people, they also found out about the Bihus.Info spyware. Zokrema, one of the operators, was involved in criminal activities in the expansion of drugs.

The Service also reported that they praised the great personnel decisions of the same department whose security officers worked for Bihus.Info. Later in the evening, RBC-Ukraine officials at the SBU informed that the head of Roman Semenchenko’s department had been released through the editorship of Bihus.Info. The decision about the presidential election was made by the head of the Service Vasil Malyuk.

Vasil Malyuk (photo: Getty Images)

“The position of the SBU is clear – they cannot throw shade at the Service as they work in the hour of war: starting from the destruction of the Krimsky Bridge and carrying out other unique special operation until the liquidation of military villains on the territory of the Russian Federation. Also, the “cadres” who fought for edited by Denis Bigus, they can definitely bear responsibility. At a minimum, they need to be sent to the front line,” as stated by the SBU.

The SBU reacted to the fact of the spyware attacks themselves. History of Justice Denis Malyuska. He wrote on his Facebook that it is necessary to control the work of the special services in the middle of the country.

“The Law on the SBU is controlled by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the President and the Prosecutor's Office. The President served his first job earlier by allocating security to the department. I think we need a prompt reaction and communication from all corners of power. IMHO, we need it but more control over the activities of the special services in the middle of the country,” wrote Malyuska.

The Verkhovna Rada, at its own level, voted for those who, in front of them, named the head of the SBU Vasil Malyuk. The head of the Committee for Freedom of Speech, Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, spoke on Facebook about those who are preparing low-ranking parliamentary beasts – to the SBU for an internal investigation and to the Office of the Prosecutor General.

“I ask the UCP to entrust this pre-trial investigation to another body in accordance with Part 5 of Article 36 of the Criminal Procedure Code. And immediately it is necessary to conduct legal proceedings, medical and the remaining material from Bihus.Info. I also call parliament from the SBU, UCP and National Police of Ukraine on Zvit about the camp of the Rosasli -Divannia attacks on the magazine. Slid merchay unit of the honors. On a pity, vigs on Medihikiv MAH SELECTIONS, – PAYSHING YURCHINS.

there is 6 pier commentary from the head of the department. Malyuk misrepresented the successful operations carried out by the SBU spies and stated that against this backdrop, a storm arises among several police officers, regardless of the fact that they were carried out as part of a real criminal investigation.

“U Tsomu Once again they call on the current surveillance activities of the local spies to the Department for the Defense of National Power. Unfortunately, the investigation into drug trafficking organizations led not only to the withdrawal of information about the account There is one of the editorial staff before the proliferation of narcotic speeches, and there is also little place for public distribution of video materials,” said Malyuk .

It is also important to note that in Ukraine we freely handle snakes and do not put pressure on them.

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