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Blinken is visiting the Close Meeting and visiting Israel, – AP

Secretary of State of the United States of America (USA) Anthony Blinken will visit B lizy Skhid. This will become my diplomatic mission in the region since the beginning of Israel's active military campaign against the grouping of Hamas.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through correspondence with the Associated Press.

The press service to the US Department of State in a statement on Saturday did not mention Blinken’s intention to defect to Israel. Prote AP writes that a representative of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs about plans for such a visit.

According to the Israeli official, Blinken is visiting Israel again, and in what place will he State Secretary of State's name – not specified.

As reported in Derzhdepa, Blinken, under the hour of this mission for the Close Gathering, is leading Saudi Arabia on Monday. Such a trip will take place only two days after my return to Washington after my visit to China.

Blinken is presenting a conference of the World Economic Forum and meeting with foreign affairs ministers of Arab countries in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

In the middle of Blinken flies between Israel and most of its Arab and Muslim countries, hoping to increase assistance to the civilian population in Gaza, to avoid wider conflict in the region and provide support for plans for reconstruction and management of post-war Gaza. — and still loudly supports Israel’s right to defend itself.

Visit to the negotiations before the fire in Gaza and the release of guarantors

Information ahead of Blinken's imminent visit to Israel is being provided during a pause in food supply about the relationship between Israel and the Hamas group about the fire in the Gaza Strip in exchange on the release of the guarantors.

On Saturday, Hamas militants announced that they were reviewing the new Israel's position before the fire began, the fragments of Egypt activated the Zusilla to reach the beginning of the war and defeat the powerful IDF ground offensive on the site of Rafah on the day of Gazi.

In this case, Washington, according to the visiting press, wants to encourage Israel to carry out a large-scale military operation in Rafah, where over a million Palestinians have flowed in, fighting in battle.

Former River Power US Department of State Matthew Miller said that Blinken “to discuss It is precisely necessary to reach the fire in Gaza, which will ensure the release of the guarantors, and those who Hamas stand between the Palestinian people and the fire.”

In Derzhdepe they also added that Blinken the importance of avoiding broader conflict and discussing zusilla “to achieve peace and security in the region, including through the route to the independent Palestinian state with guarantees of security for Israel.”

It was previously reported that Israel, ahead of the grouped Hamas, carried out an offensive in Rafakh, like militants don't miss out on the spare parts of the 133 guarantors that you lost.

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