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The International Federation of the Red Cross has become a lawyer for Russian criminals – Lubinets

The Ukrainian Ombudsman said that the latest statement by the IFRC looks like an attempt to save the reputation of the Russian Red Cross.

The International Federation of the Red Cross has become a lawyer for Russian criminals, &ndash>Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets said that the published statement of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cross Societies nogo Crescent (IFRC) about the likely support of the Russian aggression by the Russian Red Cross (RCH) looks like an attempt to save the latter’s reputation, Lubinets wrote on Facebook </p>
<p>.Earlier, information appeared that workers of the Russian Red Cross talk about the impossibility of peace with the Ukrainian Nazis, and its president is related to one of the patriotic organizations of the Russian Federation. Then the Ombudsman of Ukraine appealed to the IFRC so that a transparent investigation into the actions of the RKK would be carried out, and if this information was confirmed, the RKK would be expelled from the federation. </p>
<p>Now information has appeared on the IFRC website on assessing the actions of the RFC.</p>
<p><b>Firstly, about the presence of the RFC in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine</b>: The federation’s website says that RCH does not have a presence in the Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. However, not a word is said that the SCH operates on the territory of Crimea. After all, as Lubinets notes, <b>RKK stole the property of the National Red Cross Society of Ukraine</b> in Crimea. Criminal proceedings have been initiated on this fact. In this connection, Ukraine demands condemnation of the actions of the SCH. </p>
<p><b>Secondly, the media previously reported that SCHH collaborated with the Artek camp in temporarily occupied Crimea</b>. It was also said that sanctions were imposed on the director of this camp for involvement in the deportation of Ukrainian children. At the same time, <b>the federation’s conclusions only say that “the partnership between RCH and the Artek camp requires serious revision.”</b> These words, as Lubinets notes, look pathetic: after all, when there are facts, action is needed, and not consideration of the situation from different sides. may be involved in bullying of Ukrainians</p></blockquote>
<p><b>Thirdly, the “impartiality” of the RCH</b>: the audit showed that some individuals from the SCH made political statements that did not correspond to the principles of the organization. As for the head of the RCH (who, by the way, signed an agreement with the Artek camp), the point is that he is no longer involved in political organizations in the Russian Federation. However, as Lubinets notes, leaving the organization is one thing, but can a person who promoted war change his views? In addition, according to Lubinets, the federation should pay attention to the fact that<b>RCHH raised funds for the families of mobilized and Russian military personnel, and also supported mobilization campaigns for the war in Ukraine</b>.</p>
<p>“Currently, the federation’s statement looks like an attempt to save the name and reputation of the Russian Red Cross, and also only shows impotence and outdated systems. After all, the Russians have committed specific criminal crimes and continue to use the name of an international organization as a cover for their crimes,” Lubinets said. , will present its findings in the next 4 months. The Ukrainian Ombudsman considers such actions on the part of the MFCHH to be direct fuel for the aggression of the Russian Federation.</p>
<p>“I hope that they will not be so frail and powerless. International organizations cannot silently play along with Russian aggression! Otherwise, they do not help, but only harm the world legal order! I believe that the IFRC, a world-famous organization, has turned into a lawyer for Russian criminals! – the ombudsman concluded.</p>
<p>He also said that he had received confirmation that the new president of the IFRC is ready to hold a meeting with him, during which the above-mentioned issues will be raised.</p>
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