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The occupiers have pushed their way under Avdiivka and can be pressed in many directions: ISW maps

At the front in Ukraine, Russian invaders are being recorded іївки and on the way to Donetsk. Also, the fire guards press on most of the straight lines, at the same time the Ukrainian soldiers defeat enemy attacks and assaults.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing the Institute for Warfare (ISW).

Ukraine. Operation No. 1 – Lugansk region

The military forces of the Russian Federation intensified operations for the day's entry from Svatovoy and, as it turns out, buried Kislivka with a camp on the 27th quarter. Russian “military forces” confirmed in the evening of the 26th quarter that the invaders had broken through the defenses of the ZSU in Kislivtsi, and had completely buried the entire population of the village on the 27th quarter.

Russian bloggers also confirmed that Putin's troops have reached depths of up to 1, 85 km of the waterway that runs through Kislivka, since the tank forces of the ZSU in Kotlyarivtsia have exhausted their waters.

In which case, ISW experts have not yet found visual confirmation of these Russians yav.

They also fought for a daytime approach to Svatovoye in the areas of Berestovoye, Kislivka and Stelmakhivka. The 27th quarter of the battle took place at the end of the day near Svatovoy and in the Kreminnaya area, but there were no confirmations of changes on the front line.

The battles took place in the area of ​​Druzhelubivka, Novogorivka, Grekivka, Belya Ne of all Terniv and Zarichny, in the Serebryansky district forest and Bilogorivka, go to the star.

A Ukrainian sergeant who lives near the Serebryansky Forest, telling the Guardian in an interview published on the 27th quarter that the Russian military has an artillery advantage of five to one over the ZSU forces in this area, as the sergeant described it as a “larger-mensh stab” ilnu” equalized with in other tense situations at the front.

Operation No. 2 – Donetsk area

27 kvitnya on the Siversky direct (on the day's descent from Bakhmut) in the area of ​​Spirnoy and Viemka (offensive on the day's descent from Siverska) were concerned about the exchange of positional battles, and not the confirmation of changes there was no one on the front line.

27th quarter of the Russian Federation continued offensive operations in the area of ​​the settlement. Chasiv Yar, however, there was no confirmation of a change in the front line.

Russian “military leaders” confirmed that important battles were taking place on the outskirts of Chasiv Yar and that Putin’s troops were attacking clear positions in the forest zone on the way out of the Hourly Yar.< /p>

One blogger confirmed that the military of the Russian Federation is also starting to open up on the day before the Stupka-Golubovsky 2 nature reserve (on the day from the village of Chasiv Yar) and collapses parallel to the highway T0504 Bakhmut Ivanov ske – Kostyantynivka.

The General Staff of the ZSU reported that the Defense Forces repelled Russian attacks near the New Microdistrict (shared part of the village of Chasiv Yar); at the exit from the Hourly Yar of Bil Ivanivsky; and on the day of gathering from the Hourly Yar of Bil Klishchivka.

The Russian military recently confirmed an offensive approaching the city of Donetsk. Geolocation images, published on the 27th quarter, show that the invaders recently pushed their way into the center of Krasnogorivka in the direction of the ring.

Acts of the Russian “military leaders” also confirmed that the military forces of the Russian Federation then they begin to clear the Tsegelny plant near the entrance to Krasnogorivtsi, according to ISW analysts There has not yet been any visual evidence of the weakening of Russian military positions near the Tsegelny plant.

Ukrainian and Russian newsmen reported the continuation of military operations as they approached Donetsk near Georgiyivka and as they approached Donetsk Belya Paraskovivka and Pobeda.

Russian Dzherela continued to confirm that Putin’s military was completely in control of Novomikhaylivka (on the day of entry from Donetsk).

Russian decisions were confirmed, that the military forces of the Russian Federation have reached out in the area of ​​the administrative cordon of Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions on the 27th quarter.

The Russian “military correspondent” confirmed that the occupiers had penetrated 400 meters in the depths near Urozhayny and 100 meters near the depths of Staromayorskyi (offensive for the day before Velyka Novosilka), but the ISW did not guarded visual evidence of these Russian statements.

The General Staff of the ZSU reported that the Russian troops attacked at the rally near Velyka Novosilka in the Vugledar area near Vodyanoye, at the rally near Velyka Novosilka near Prechistivka and at the daytime at Veliko ї Novosilki near Urozhayne and Staromayorsky.

“Pivdennaya all”

The 27th quarter was marked by positional military actions at the end of the Donetsk region and, however, confirmed changes there was no front line.

Positional battles took place near Robotiny and on the way out from Verbovoy (on the way out from Robotiny).

Ukrainian military recently fired a missile attack on the Zaliznichny bridge in the occupied part and Zaporizhzhya region . The geolocation video, published on the 27th quarter, shows how the ZSU strikes the zaliznichny bridge on the way out from Chernihivka (at the end of the day from Melitopol).

On the 27th quarter, positional battles took place on the similar (left) birch of the Kherson region, including near Krynok.

The Russian “military correspondent” confirmed that the Ukrainian forces were retaining insignificant presence There is a bridge across the Antonivsky Bridge.

situation for the front

nagadami, wounded by the general Headquarters ZSU at Vechirnyom Zvedenni VID The 27th quarter was completed, and 71 combat operations were recorded at the front.

In addition, the military commanders were informed that the worst situation was awaiting in Avdievsky directly.

Dadamo, in the words of the riverman OSUV “Khortytsya” by Nazar Voloshin, the Russian occupiers will continue to advance in the Ocheretinoye area. Having added that the least part of the enemy is under the strict control of the ZSU. Also an officer of the Ministry of Defense, this region has introduced additional forces and personnel from the reserve of the Defense Forces.

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