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Blinken to go to China to negotiate support for Russia, – CNN

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is attacking China. The United States is seriously concerned about Beijing's support for Russia.

RBC-Ukraine reported this to CNN.

This is Blinken's trip to the brink as a senior American diplomat .

“We are in a different place than when bilateral markets were at historic lows,” Blinken said.

US Secretary of State Blinken plans to meet with high-ranking Chinese officials in Shanghai and Beijing around the time of his visit on the 24th-26th quarter.

Blinken has “three main the purpose of my trip to China”:

  • Achievement of progress in key nutrition;
  • clearly and decisively identify the impact of bilateral regional and global problems;
  • advanced competition management.

Blinken plans to re-examine deep US concerns about China's support of the Russian defense-industrial base, as well as the violation of human rights.

The State Secretary’s plans also discuss the situation at the Close Gathering. The United States has repeatedly called on China, both publicly and privately, to put pressure on Iran so that it will reveal its independence.

“The State Secretary will discuss problems in the Indo-Pacific region, including the PRC's provocations in the China Sea, as well as threatening rhetoric and reckless actions outside Korea. Blinken will also reaffirm the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwanese prototy,” said the anonymous official.

Russia's support for China

The Pentagon announced in the past that China would provide Russia with drones and gunfire on a large scale. Beijing sensed its influx.

At the beginning of the war, the United States announced that Russia, in support of China, had recently renewed its armored forces.

We previously wrote that the United States would disrupt the food support of China Russia's crimes within the framework the “Great Family” itself.

Read terms and important information about Russia's war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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