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Borrel about help to Ukraine: it’s cheaper to buy Patriot, it’s cheaper to renew Russia’s TES

It’s cheaper to buy American Patriot systems, never mind the power plant that Russia collapsed .

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, reports this to RBC-Ukraine in a message to Le Monde.

Suggesting how France can earn more for Ukraine, lower Germany, Borrell said that everything can earn more to eliminate European goiter.

“My role is not to point a finger at this or that other country, but to develop a strong position. For me, the hidden number is important, but I understand perfectly well that this amount adds up to a lot of people to understand,” he said. .

Borrell emphasizes that the problem is not in the hour, but in the quantity.

“It may already be too late in the future. First of all, we are talking about the renewal of Ukraine, and we are to blame for its ruin. It is cheaper to buy Patriot systems, but we will not have a power plant, which is what the Russians are targeting,” the head diplomat said ії ЄС.

Software systems for Ukraine

Ukraine is still at the beginning of a large-scale Russian invasion and is working on the strength of the PPO. However, the need for the anti-Tribal defense became acute after the renewal of Russian attacks on energy facilities.

Nimechchina decided to help Ukraine with the help of the PPO. As stated in Berlin, the German government will review its reserves and look for systems that can be sent to Ukraine. Recently, Germany announced the transfer of the Patriot additional data system to Ukraine.

However, President Volodymyr Zelensky previously stated that in order to completely close the skies of Ukraine from Russian drones and missiles, 25 Patriot systems will be needed.

According to the words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kulebi, Ukraine has already found 100 great Patriot systems in the world, but now it wants to seize 7 of them.

Ukraine’s priority is not only Patriot, but also Samp-T systems beat ballistics. Today, Ukraine is negotiating the removal of two Patriot batteries and one Samp-T battery.

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