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Ukrainian writer Dmitry Kapranov died

The writer died suddenly at the age of 56.

Ukrainian writer Dmitry Kapranov has died

Dmitry Kapranov

Today, April 16, at the age of 56, the Ukrainian writer and public figure Dmitry Kapranov died.

This was reported on the Kapranov brothers’ Facebook page.

“Friends, we are in trouble. Dmitry suddenly died this morning. When and where farewell, I’ll write tomorrow. Everything else is cancelled, sorry,” the message says.

The Kapranov brothers – Dmitry and Vitaly – are Ukrainian writers, publishers, publicists, public figures, bloggers. Their work covers various genres, including fantasy and history.

Among other books, they are the authors of the following books:

Kobzar 2000. This book, which the brothers worked on for 10 years, is their significant contribution to modern Ukrainian literature.

Paper Soldiers: The History of Ukraine in Stories and Analysis.

“: This book reveals key events in the history of our country.

“ Maidan”: Display of events during the Revolution of Dignity.

The Kapranov brothers are the authors of the YouTube channel “named after T.G. Shevchenko”, dedicated to the history of Ukraine.


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