• 28/05/2024 19:45

Kiev may change the schedule for switching off the light: DTEK called the mind

Kiev may change electricity connection schedules, as Russians do Let's continue to strike targets energy industry.

RBC-Ukraine reports this following a statement from Denis Bondar, General Director of DTEK “Kyiv Electromerezh”.

“In the wake of the high power supply, the increase in electrical energy from the regulation of quiet poshkodzhen on the edges “Today, it is likely that the schedule will become stagnant, as our energy facilities will continue to be shelled,” said Bondar.

General Director of DTEK “Kyiv Electrical Measures”, noting that the spring and Russian attacks on energy facilities led to critical state of the energy system of Ukraine.

In my words, according to today’s schedule, the electricity supply in the capital will not be stagnated due to stable power supply.

“We are working with “Kiev Digital” for the sake of . Once the schedules are stopped, “Kiev Digital” will be notifying our clients for the next few years about the termination of the schedules,” Bondar added.

The situation with the light in Ukraine

It is important to note that the burning season in Ukraine has ended, and it was possible to pass without turning off the light.

Proteus in Russia Russia has suffered renewed blows to energy. After mass attacks, there were power outages in several regions, the most important situation was in the Kharkov region. The lights are still turned off there frequently. Apparently, the region was seriously damaged by the Zmiivska TPP.

In addition, during the hour of the attack on the 22nd, all blocks of the Burshtinska and Ladizhyn TPP were damaged.

During the hour of the remaining massive attack, poor Trypilska TES near the Kiev region. “Centerenergo” has spent 100% of its generation.

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