• 17/04/2024 11:35

Britain condemned the Russian army in Ukraine for missiles from Southern Korea

Britain condemned the victorious Russian army of the ballistic armor seized from Pivn ichnaya Korea under the hour of recent attacks on the territory of Ukraine .

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Reuters.

“Britain strongly condemns Russia's decision to seize ballistic missiles seized from Southern Korea and the recent attacks in Ukraine Well, we call to Pivnichna Korea will be forced to extend the protection to Russia,” said a representative of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the words of a representative of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs, new sanctions may be imposed against British Korea. for the transfer of missiles to Russia.

“Britain will continue to work with its partners to ensure that Pivnichny Korea pays a high price for supporting Russia's illegal war in Ukraine,” the source said.

North Korea will contact Russia I will fight for the war against Ukraine

According to US intelligence data, it became clear that Russian ships regularly sailed from the sea to the Korean port of Rason. The DPRK sent the Russian Federation nearly 2,000 containers for the acquisition.

Department spokesman Matthew Miller stated that the acquired States will be subject to interference with military spying in Russia and Southern Korea.

Coordinator for National Security of the White House John Kirby informed , that Russia acquired ballistic missiles from Southern Korea. They have already been selected for attacks on Ukraine.

Nezabar WP reported that Southern Korea could transfer to Russia a few dozen ballistic missiles for attacks on Ukraine.

Terms of reference are also important. Domain about the war against Russia Read about Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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