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ISW experts explained why the Russian Federation can purchase more ballistic missiles abroad

The remarkable success that the Russian Federation achieved when launching attacks on Ukraine with the help of ballistic missiles them missiles, maybe sponukati The Kremlin is activating efforts to ensure that this type of security is protected.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this via communications to ISW.

ISW analysts say that Russia’s military-industrial complex can recover close to 4 rockets” Iskander and several Kinzhal missiles for a month, although it is unclear how many S-300/S-400 missiles can destroy the aggressor country’s industry.

According to experts, the Russian defense industrial base is likely unable to fire ballistic missiles on the scale required for a sustained “strike campaign” in Ukraine, which relies on the regular expenditure of large amounts of money. ballistic missiles, Russia will probably end up buying ballistic missiles for cordon. It appears that in the future there is an intention to encourage large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine

It is understood that the Russians regularly deploy short-range ballistic missiles to carry out attacks on Ukrainian places, and this missiles may be more effective for attacking Ukrainian anti-aircraft weapons.

Experts say that the effectiveness of Russian ballistic missiles often depends on the configuration of the “parasol” of the Ukrainian PPO in the target zone and the strike complex, part of which is the missile.

DPRK supplies Russia with armored weapons for war against Ukraine

According to US intelligence data, it became clear that Russian ships regularly sailed from the sea to the Korean port of Rason. The DPRK sent the Russian Federation nearly 2,000 containers for the acquisition.

Department spokesman Matthew Miller stated that the received States will be subject to interference with military spying in Russia and Southern Korea.

Coordinator for National Security of the White House John Kirby having reported that Russia had acquired ballistic missiles from Southern Korea. They have already been selected for strikes on Ukraine.

Year WP reported that Southern Korea could transfer to Russia a few dozen ballistic missiles for strikes on Ukraine.

Terminov and important people Domain about the war against Russia Read about Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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