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Chi buv “Zircon”? What do we know about Putin’s “wunderwaffe” and how could the Russian Federation launch a missile at Kiev?

The Russians, under the hour of a missile attack on Kiev, could have launched a hypersonic missile “Zircon”, as officials yno yet It has never stagnated in the military minds, and they, incredibly, defeated the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense forces. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin especially boasts of this “super-armor.”

RBC-Ukraine reports that it is known about the Zircon missile and that the Russians could effectively attack Kiev with it.

The hour of preparation is nearing ki material publications of Russian ZMI and Defense Express, as well as an exclusive commentary by military expert Kostyantin Krivolap, were reviewed.

What is the Zircon missile

The 3M22 Zircon missile is a Russian hypersonic anti-ship missile that was used created to replace the important anti-ship missile P -700, fragmented at 70-80 years of the last century.

Little is known about the technical characteristics of the Zircon, except for what the Russians themselves stated:

  • impact range – 600-100 km;
  • polite speed – up to 9 max;
  • weight of the warhead – 300-400 kg;
  • dovzhina – 8-10 meters;
  • rushiy – two-stage (the first stage is solid-fired, the other is fired -reactive).

The missile can be launched either from ships or from the ground-based Bastion complex. Also, the possibility of launching the Zircon from the underground missile complex of the Ob’ekt-100 coastal base in Crimea has not been turned off.

Chergova Russian “wunderwaffe”

Putin presented “Zircon” will be launched in 2019, as a new development in Russia, or as a result of the discovery of RBC-Ukraine by military expert Kostyantin Krivolap, then the Russian dictator, who showed the American prototype of the X-51 missile “on the surface.”“When Putin presented it in 2019, it showed the American X-51 hypersonic missile, or rather a prototype. The Americans started this program here in 2005. The Russians started later, but also put amb Other purposes – speed in 10 swings and so on” , – said Vin.

Photo: American prototype of the X-51 missile (defense.gov)

In addition to the speed, more likely than stated in the American prototype, the Russians equipped their Zircon with a “high-precision homing head.” However, according to Crookedpaw's words, the truth behind this is that all anti-ship missiles have a new guidance mechanism.

“You can’t get attached to the local terrain, you may have GPS suppression, the missile will fly along a ballistic trajectory, and when it approaches the target, the optical guidance head will interfere with the same images from different angles IV. This guidance system is very complex, because “There will be a very high calculation of the capabilities of the complex itself on the rocket, in order to compare images from different angles and different heights,” said the expert.

As Krivolap explained, under the hour of flying on a hypersonic speed until the rocket fires up the darkness of the plasma, which makes it difficult to transmit radio signals, which complicates both the detection of a missile behind an additional radar and the guidance of the missile itself to the target.

Nutrition, according to Crookedpaw's words, goes back to the declared air-jet engine of the Zircon. It’s important to note that the development of such an engine was carried out by different countries, including the Radyansky Union, since the other half of the last century, and from that time on, no one came through.

“From that time on, “We haven't figured it out, there are already a lot of factors that don't give stable results from running the engine and the robot. This problem has faced both the Americans and other countries that worked in this direction,” the expert said.

Zagalom, “Zircon” is a Russian “wunderwaffe”, so the “divozbroy” real capabilities do not correspond to the stated characteristics. Let us show that in advance of the first river invasion of Ukraine, Putin announced the “mass production” of these missiles for the Russian army, but, as Krivolap indicated, he was standing on the grass of the past, but it never began. Varto notes that the American X-51 missiles, from which the Zircon was painted, were produced, under secret data, of all sorts.

Warto note that the Russian Wikipedia writes about the ability to shoot down the Zircon with current launch attack systems, such as THAAD, Hetz-2 and Hetz-3, SM-3, SM-6, GBI, PAAMS and SAMP/T (with the Aster missile thirty). The Russians knew that these PPOs can out-spit targets, that they can fly with greater speed, and that, given the improved maneuverability of the Zircon, its reliability is not great.

They launched the Zircon across Kiev

After the shelling of Ukraine, the Defense Express portal published a publication about those who incredibly shot down a Russian Zircon over Kiev. However, the Russian forces reported the shooting down of only three “Calibers” and 26 missiles Kh-101/Kh-555/Kh-55.

About the international stagnation of “Zircon” see photographs of the attacks on the site i the fall of one of the destroyed missiles. The 3M22 marking is visible on the frame, which confirms the code name “Zircon”.

Defense Express clarified that the tricks found today are consistent with the tricks of another uninstalled missile, as the Russian Federation was on the verge of doom. Another uninstalled missile was also launched, which could be the Zircon.

Photo: details of an uninstalled missile that was shot down over Kiev (Defence Express)

Varto also guessed that the 29th in Zaporizhzhya OVA also announced a strike with a Zircon missile. Those in the Air Force did not confirm that the missiles themselves had stalled, but in cooperation with RBC-Ukraine in Zaporizhzhya, they said that behind their obvious data, it was the Zircon missile itself.

According to the words of Krivolap, it is difficult to say that the Russians effectively attacked Kiev with a Zircon missile, but the size of the explosion from the fall of the missile and the information about the flight of ballistics from today to the capital, indicate to those that such a possibility is not can be removed.

However, as Krivolap said, if the “Zircon” did not have the speed declared in the technical characteristics, then it would be unlikely to be detected by modern radars. They will be deprived of food and before the missile itself was launched, the fragments of the nose of the Zircon – the ship Admiral Gorshkov – are not found in the Black Sea.

“I would be very careful about this. There is one such detail here that the noses that could have launched, for example, the Dagger, were not recorded. There is a nuance, there were six Tu-22M3s flying there, and they launched all sorts of missiles X-22. Possibly, the stinks polished this rocket to this flight. Theoretically, the stinks could launch it from the ground. Possibly, from the “Bastion” or “Object 100”, – adding vin.

In addition, it is unclear how many “Zircons” were actually produced in Russia, and as of last year, their production was not launched.

“Maybe they had 4- 5-10 batches of “Zircons” were collected for test launches. At this stage, it’s a matter of guessing in the thick of it,” summed up Krivolap.

Massive shelling of Ukraine in the 7th fierce

Today, the occupiers fired missiles at Ukraine with strategic aircraft. Our anti-Victorian defense shot down 44 enemy targets, including 15 drones, which the Ukrainian military had been “plundering” since last night.

The missile attack was aimed mainly at Kiev, although Mykolayiv and Lviv region were hit during the shelling. In the Golosiivsky district of Kiev, the surface was on fire, and on the left birch there were faulty electrical lines. As a result of the wounded attack on Kiev, more than 40 people were injured, and four died.

For more details about the results of the massive attack, read the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Terms and important information about the Russian war against Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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