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“Children who have not yet had time to see life and were killed because of Russian madness,” Zelensky reacted to the tragedy in Kharkov

The President promised help to the victims.

"Children who had not yet seen life and were killed because of Russian madness in Kharkov< /p>

President Vladimir Zelensky expressed condolences to the families of those killed in Kharkov after the Russian attack on the night of February 10, and also promised the necessary assistance to all victims.

This is stated in the president’s message on Telegram.

“Reality always speaks louder than any words. Last night, due to a fire after the Shahed attack in Kharkov, a whole family died: parents and three children. The eldest son, Alexey, is 7 years old, the middle son, Mikhail, is 4 years old, the youngest is Pavel , he was 7 months old. Children who had not yet seen life and were killed because of Russian madness. Another family died: a husband and wife. My condolences to all the family and friends…

Dozens people have been evacuated. All necessary services have been involved, and each victim will be provided with the necessary assistance…

According to the head of the Kharkov OVO Oleg Sinegubov, the elimination of the consequences of enemy arrivals is still ongoing. In total, more than 200 rescuers were involved.

A forensic expert will conduct a DNA examination of 7 bodies of the dead. They were badly burned as a result of the fire.

All victims are residents of houses on Kotelnaya Street. As a result of the shelling, more than 1,000 consumers are now without power supply. Experts are already working to return the light. Some households are temporarily cut off from gas supplies until rescuers complete the necessary work.

"Children who had not yet seen life and were killed because of for the Russian battle. tragedy in Kharkov

  • On the evening of February 9, Russia carried out drone strikes on Kharkov. The hit was recorded in the Nemyshlyansky district of the city. As a result of the attack, seven civilians were killed, including a baby and children of seven and four years old. Fifty victims are known.
  • According to the mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov, the number of victims as a result of the night attack in Kharkov has increased to 57.


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